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Dying Light: Been There, Done That

by Lauren Crofton 09/02/2016
Dying Light was released back in January 2015 and unfortunately I’ve only just found the time to play it properly. Like myself I imagine that some of you may have noticed straight away the striking resemblance it carries to a few other notable games, in particular and expectedly it’s somewhat predecessor, Dead Island. Besides both […]

Sink your teeth into Deep Silver’s Escape Dead Island

by Chris Batemanon 01/07/2014
The Dead Island franchise seems to be as alive and active as ever, as today it was announced that, in addition to the forthcoming Dead Island 2, and MOBA Dead Island: Epidemic, Deep Silver have also been working away on the cel-shaded, survival-mystery game, Escape Dead Island. In a post on the Playstation Blog, Alex […]

Shortbreak Studios and Techland reveal Hellraid: The Escape for iPad and iPhone

by Sai Mealingon 01/04/2014
As a pure Android type, I am occasionally made jealous by the hold that Apple’s devices manage to have on the video games industry. Whilst this latest announcement doesn’t have me hovering over the buy button for an iPad as much as Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us or Revolutionary Concept’s port of the Mega CD […]

Half Price Saints Row IV!

by Andrew Corbanon 28/02/2014
Those wonderful people over at the Humble Bundle Store bring us great games for amazingly low prices on a regular basis for PC, Mac and mobile platforms. Of course usually they bring us collections of Indie titles but from time to time we get AAA deals. This week the Humble Store has had the Deep […]

Five things you could buy INSTEAD of an Xbox One

by The_Dark_Mikeon 05/06/2013
  Today this happened on   So now we in Britain know what the projected costs are for what is quite frankly the biggest let down since Prince Charming found out where Rapunzel’s hair really came from (Thanks, Cyanide and Happiness) As you can see, The PS4 has been projected as the same price, […]

Bride (and Groom) of the Dead

by Matt Gearyon 24/04/2013
since I am to be wed shortly myself, I’ve been looking for inspiration…. wonder if Mrs Geek Pride would buy into something like this? Real-life couple married in the first UK zombie-themed wedding to celebrate the launch of Dead Island Riptide™