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Reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.


Oh boy, what just happened? I did go into this game relatively blind and with little knowledge of what Bake ‘N Switch was all about, but maybe that wasn’t a good way to go. But can this game, while looking rather pleasing to the eye, be something long term for your gaming library?


What is it about?

In the game, you are a chef who looks to collect the bun-like creatures and throw them into an oven and basically bake them! Yeah, you gotta grab the cute food things and sacrifice them by cooking them! By doing this, you build up your score and progress. If you “sacrifice” the wrong creature, then you will see your point tally drop.

I want to begin on a good note, the game looks rather nice and adorable. The characters all look distinctive enough to be their own person without being too complicated. The game does run smooth enough on Switch when in play and you aren’t too busy on screen, but more on that later. Overall, it plays nice enough for the average gamer, but that surely isn’t enough for a game.

Now I must sadly move to the negative. My first issue is the fact you can’t play this as a one player experience (though apparently this will be added later). I understand this is presented as a party title, but that isn’t always possible. Furthermore, I could not get online at any time to play the game. The character select screen is glitchy and at times crashed on me when I tried to choose my avatar, meaning I had to boot the game back up from the beginning.

As for the gameplay itself, it does become a little stale. As the game progresses, the levels do change how they operate and the variety on screen increases. Even with progression I just still couldn’t focus on this game enough. Even my player two was losing interest after a while. It is fun, but for around 20-30 minutes at best before moving on.


The Bottom Line

A good-looking title with some fun, but not one that will last long enough. But I will end this review with a slight positive. I am willing to try Bake ‘N Switch again in the future when I can do a one player mode and when the online play will connect fully so I can get a better experience.


Jonjo Cosgrove
Jonjo Cosgrove
A huge fan of Marvel and DC, a lifelong enjoyer of The Walking Dead and have played more video games than I could possibly ever count. A night out to the cinema or a trip to a concert is where I am in my element.

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