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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Batwoman Team Leaves Over Gay Marriage Row


Um… DC… What the hell?

The creative team for Batwoman announced last night that they would be leaving the project due to editorial interference becoming unbearable. After a drawn out argument with editorial staff  J.H.Williams III and W.Haden Blackman have decided that the only option is to leave, they felt they were constantly asked to “tone down” the gay content of their book.  Batwoman is DC’s only lesbian lead character in the new 52, and the final straw for the team was being denied to ever show an actual marriage between Kat Kane and her fiancee’ Maggie Sawyer. The team claim that it was their intention to have the marriage happen towards the end of the current story arc, but were overturned at the last minute.

I'd overturn her. what?
I’d overturn her. what?

DC have been silent over the row, but after their comments over a Wonder Woman movie being “Too Hard” (while Marvel makes a movie about a talking Racoon) it’s beginning to smell rather sexist over at the old mill. It’s a massive loss, because what these the creative team were doing with Batwoman was nigh on incredible. They fleshed out a rather 2D character and made her a complete and utter BAMF – and now that team has gone, because a few people may be offended.

see? BAMF.
see? BAMF.

The most baffling part is when you you really start to think about it, this is the company that allowed us to see a madman shoot a teenager through the spine, (semi) permanently crippling her, while he kidnaps (and possibly rapes) her mother. This was almost more than 20 years ago. Is gay marriage that offensive, DC?

No. Booster Gold is though.

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