Becca’s Pick of the Best Geek Parody Songs Around

by on 17/09/2012

The first one I have chosen shouts Geek Girl power! Plus it has the lovely Seth Green doing a little rapping.Whilst they don’t have the best voices it’s nice to see the geek girls represent and acts as a reminder that there are far more hard core geek girls then the media portrays. Mini rant over, enjoy the sexy geeks:

Next one is again something close to my heart, table top roleplay gaming. Nothing quite like pretending to be someone more awesome then yourself and kicking ass. Plus it is such a catchy tune, even my 9 year old daughter has added it to her playlist.

Actually this one was found by my aforementioned daughter, who is going through a Minecraft obsessed phase. I know I’m so proud she is such a little geek.

WARNING: Dark Knight spoilers! A parody of the film to the song you can’t get away from ‘Call Me Maybe’. I consider this to be a far superior version.

Now I couldn’t do a list like this without including something to do with my favs the X-Men. Unfortunately I failed to censor it for my kids and now Xander (4) runs around shouting “I’m the Juggernaut, pitch” close and thankfully not quite right.