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Black Milk Clothing

Geek girls of the world! Want to express who you are and what you love through what you wear? Tired of the drab selection of clothing available? Sick of “customing” (read: ripping apart) mens tshirts to try and find something that appeals to your geeky nature but isn’t pink and tacky, or designed for the H&M and Topshop masses? Well then today is your lucky day!

Australian designer James Lillis has readdressed the gap in the market with his range of leggings, dresses and swimwear. You may have noticed a growing trend recently of pictures of hot girls in geeky clothing being shared all around the internet and wished you could own something like that. I was much the same. I first fell in love with a lovely little R2D2 dress which for months I saw floating around the internet and couldn’t track down for the life of me. After a bit of a licencing hiccup, which has since been resolved, the dress came back on sale! Imagine my joy when I could finally wear my coveted Artoo 1.0.

Black Milk Clothing
Black Milk Clothing

Since the popularity of this and a similar C3PO dress was so evident, Black Milk Clothing have expanded their Star Wars universe to include more dresses, leggings and swimsuits in all manner of designs: http://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/star-wars, but they didn’t stop there! Oh no. Fans of LotR can also rejoice. You can find an extensive and ever increasing collection of Middle Earth madness right here: http://blackmilkclothing.com/collections/middle-earth and there are lots of sneaky little nods to the nerd world (Tardis dress anyone?) throughout the vast realms of their wonderful catalogue of nylon.

Oh, and as if this wasn’t enough, James Lillis is a conscientious employer. This might not mean a great deal to everybody, but especially considering recent tragic events surrounding high street fashion, it certainly means something to me. Everyone who works for the company is based in Australia, every piece is handmade by happy little workers earning a proper wage and their customer service is beyond fault.

I’ve heard girls complain about the cost of BM Clothing, and no, it doesn’t come cheap. A dress will set you back about 110 AUD… roughly 75 quid… but when you take into account the work that goes into it and the incredible statement you can make when you rock out in town wearing a designer piece that nobody else has even dreamed of owning, it’s worth every last penny. As such there’s a loyal and passionate community surrounding this fashion label which you wouldn’t find anywhere else, fans of the label are affectionately known as Sharkies, and 9 pieces later, I am proud to count myself as one of them.


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