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Hello, old friend… Doctor Who, The Tenth Doctor, Year 2 #8

by on 19/04/2016

Writer: Nick Abadzis
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Colorist: Claudia SG Iannicello
Letterer: Comicraft


Titan Comics​


A good version of the Tenth Doctor
Light atmosphere with dark secrets
Clean artwork
Interesting new companions


Slightly odd art style - Gangly and lanky
A little flat in places, hopefully will improve in the 2nd part

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Bottom Line

The Tenth Doctor is showing his 4th, and having madcap fun with witchcraft, OCD and British countryside zanity. I've missed him!!


“The Wishing Well Witch Part 1 of 2”

the Tenth Doctor

Well, it’s a chance to go traveling with an old friend again, and a couple of new ones. After a previous adventure, the Doctor and Gabby are joined by Cindy Wu – They aim for London, but miss a little bit, arriving in sunny Dewbury. And so we have the Tenth Doctor in a very 4th Doctor mood, all smiles, energy and manic happy go luckiness. Add in a paranormal festival, curses and mysteries and things can’t help but get interesting. There is, of course, more than meets the eye – but how much more is the question.

I’ve heard a lot about Gabby, but this was a fairly good first impression – Young, female, smart and feisty. she’s also learnt the most important lesson – Telling the doctor NOT to do something guarantees only that he will.

I wasn’t sure about the art at first, but it grew on me – the proportions are a bit lanky and knobbly, but it’s like they’re conforming to the Doctor. The colouring and lines are nice and clean, and the lettering is well done. There’s a lot of energy in the art, which sometimes is at odds with the calmer scenes.

Tenth Doctor, Preview

Titan have made a good job of this story, and the overall impression is of a medium to good Tenth Doctor story – It will be interesting to see what Part 2 (#9) will bring. There’s definitely a lot of potential, if they grasp it. I’ll see you in the future (or the past?)