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Christian Bale Fulfills wish of young Batman fan with Cancer


 A little boy named Jayden Barber, who was diagnosed last November with myelodysplastic syndromes leukemia, had all of his wildest dreams come true when, thanks to a facebook group set up to help bring about his wish, he got to meet the real batman! 


 Exert from the group: 


This group to help make a wish come true for an AMAZING 4 year old boy who is fighting cancer for the second time in his life. One of Jayden’s wishes is to meet the “real Batman” i.e. Christian Bale. The goal is for this group to spread like wild fire! Over the next few weeks, Jayden will become weaker and weaker. Let’s try to make this happen! I don’t know where to begin when I tell you how amazing this whole family is! Their selfless love and tireless efforts to help their son have been an inspiration to all of us who know them. By creating this group, we can draw the attention that we need to help get Christian Bale to come and meet Jayden!

 Well it seems Batman saw their signal, as it was revealed today that the barber family, and young Jayden, were flown to Los Angeles by Bale, treated to lunch at Disney’s Club 33 and able to meet the caped crusader himself! And if that wasn’t good enough news, it seems Jayden is now in remission!

All in all a great story and one that only increases our respect for Christian Bale… a true life super hero!



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