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Cosplay Interview #5 – Victoria Schmidt AKA Scruffy Rebel


Scruffy Rebel – Need I ask the question of empire or rebellion then? Can you elaborate on why?

Rebellion! Realistically I’d probably be a part of the Empire – I’m very much the obey-the-rules type, and my natural instinct is to obey authority. Plus I dig those uniforms. But those in the Rebellion are the types of people I wish I was, or dared to be but lack the courage and conviction. They’re the little guy, fighting against all odds, standing up for what they believe in despite the overwhelming chance of failure.

You’re bio says you have been Cosplaying since ’99, that’s a long time compared to a lot of the other cosplayers I have seen. Are you proud of this? Also what was the first costume you wore?

I feel like I’d be proud of cosplaying for that long if I was an incredibly skilled craftsmanship by now, but I’m absolutely not! I’ve got friends who have been cosplaying for a fraction of the time that can sew circles around me. Really what I like about having cosplayed for so long is that I’ve been lucky enough to see the hobby develop SO much in the last decade. It’s really grown and changed, for better or for worse. The level of skill and talent of the average cosplayer now, I think, far surpasses that of the average cosplayer a decade ago.

The very first cosplay I did was Merle from Visions of Escaflowne. It was sewn by my Mom and Grandma, and I made the accessories. At the time I felt it was a pretty great costume, but looking back, it was pretty terrible! But I’ll never forget showing up at the convention (Anime Expo) dressed up and having people ask for my photo. I’ve never stopped since then.


Avenger Bunnies- I’ve seen these pictures around; I had no idea you were one of them! – How did that all come about?

I am Loki Bunny, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. The Avenger Bunnies is a group created by my friend Amanda Avery. She had come up with some original designs for Avengers in bunny suit outfits, and so many girls showed interest in her sketches that she decided she would make it into an actual group. We consist of an amazing and incredibly varied group of girls, and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it. You can follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/AvengerBunniesInitiative

You make your own costumes with your boyfriend; How long does the average costume take you to make and have you any tips for budding cosplayers?

I really have no good answer for this one. We never work on costumes consistently, it’s generally a few hours here and there with long gaps of downtime in between, and then a frantic flurry of a few days without sleeping to finish a costume. If I actually worked on any of my costumes every day until they were finished, it would probably take around a week or two to finish any of them.

As far as tips – Give yourself a deadline to make the costume, but, very importantly, don’t stress if you don’t get done in time. There is ALWAYS another event to wear that costume to, it will not be the end of the world, and the event won’t be any less enjoyable, if you don’t finish a certain costume in time to wear to it. Also, research! And when you’re finished, research some more. I cannot stress this strongly enough.

What has been your favourite costume to date and why?

I guess my favourite costume to date would be my Ahsoka Tano costume. Both my boyfriend and I learned new techniques when it came to making it, and I always love a costume that can advance my skills in some way. I love how happy kids get when they see me, and it’s been wonderful how well received the costume has been both by fans, and even those in the industry. It’s one of the most detailed costumes I have, which maybe isn’t saying much as a lot of my costumes are fairly simply in design and detail, but I really love it.

Any plans for exciting new costumes?

I’ve always got a few costumes in the works, the questions is always – which ones will get finished?! I’d like to have a few new costumes finished by the end of the year, and two of them are: DC 52 Supergirl, and Stealth X Jaina Solo, which is a new design for X-Wing pilots in the novels.

Any Cons coming up that you are excited about or any you have just been to that you really enjoyed?

The big con season just ended for me, I’m usually done after Dragon*con. This year’s special treat was Celebration VI, especially as I had been unable to attend CV, so I was long overdue for my Star Wars convention fix. As with the previous Celebrations I’ve attended, CVI did not disappoint and was nothing short of spectacular – hugely due in part to the Belgians’ amazing sets! I doubt I can make it to next year’s Celebration Europe, but who knows, anything can happen.

If anyone from the UK was to go over to the states and go to one Con, what one should they go to and why?

That’s a tough one! The answer can vary greatly depending on what you want out of a con, but my overall answer would be San Diego Comic Con. It’s the biggest comic convention in the United States, and really should be experienced at least once…if you can get in that is, which is pretty much impossible nowadays. Otherwise the runner-up, or alternative, answer would be Dragon*Con, which is best described as a 4-day party con in costumes. It’s a wonderful social experience where everyone is in costume every day and night. It’s hands down the best convention to go to if you’re a cosplayer.


General Geek Questions

What does Geek Pride (not the awesome website and Facebook page but the way of life) mean to you?

For me, Geek Pride is just being who you are and expressing what you love without regard to what others thinks. Whether that’s dressing up in costumes, wearing geeky shirts, reading comics, being able to recite every line from Star Wars, or any other movie, etc. Being a geek is a pretty wonderful thing, in fact, it’s the best thing, and I wouldn’t want to be any other way. Be proud to be you, be proud to be geek!

You have been given one super power, what would it be and what would you use it to do?

The power to fly. I’d probably use it to never have to worry about airfare again and go to more conventions! Hah, but really, I would love to be able to fly to different destinations, to remote parts of countries, across the ocean, etc., and be able to view things from above without disturbing them.


Lord of the Rings or Star Wars and why?

My Master’s Degree in English Literature makes me feel obligated to choose Lord of the Rings, no questions asked. But I view that question as trying to pick between a great piece of literature, and a great piece of film, which really seems like a classic apples vs orange comparison, and I really couldn’t choose one over the other.

I’m a huge fan of both because they’re both amazing stories and worlds. I love the incredibly thorough and detailed world created by Tolkien, and the visually breath-taking films subsequently made by Peter Jackson. I love the actor chemistry and story that was presented in the original Star Wars film, and the amazing universe and array of characters that have developed and grown since those films through new films, cartoons, books and comics.

Anything else you want to say.

Winter is coming.

Matt Geary
Matt Gearyhttps://www.geek-pride.co.uk
From N.Ireland but now living in Manchester, England; Matt is the founder and CEO of Geek Pride. Interests: Photography, Music, Art, poetry, Military History, Model making and painting and of course gaming (table top and computer)

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