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Dark Souls, This War of Mine and Plague Inc all make the leap to board games

Hi folks! I’ve been diligently monitoring the crowdfunding website for cool board game and card game projects I thought you folks would enjoy taking a look at while I’ve been immersing myself in the best money making games I could find on my phone, and recently I’ve noticed a trend. The current crop of campaigns includes quite a number of video games that have been converted into tabletop games; is this a shameless attempt to cash in on a strong IP, or has the strength of these licenses been realised as strong cardboard offerings in their own right? Well, I’ve grabbed the three I think look most interesting and given quick summaries below to garner your opinion, enjoy!

Darks Souls

Based on the unforgiving RPG, the Dark Souls board game promises to deliver that same level of difficulty and fraughtness whilst wrapping it in a gorgeous veneer. Seriously, these are some of the best looking minis I’ve seen in a board game with the mega-bosses looking to be mah-husive! The mechanics look interesting, with players attempting to get in the ‘weak spots’ of bosses whilst avoiding the incoming attacks. Dying is also part of the game as players then garner new information that should make their next playthrough more successful. The campaign doesn’t have long to go, and has already smashed a host of stretch goals, so be quick if this one looks good to you.

This War of Mine

With the pedigree of the original game (with some 100 awards!), this conversion to cardboard has a lot to live up to. The game looks BIZ-ZAY! Several different decks, a jam packed board representing the stronghold of the protagonists, nice miniatures and a bagful of custom tokens. The most interesting part of TWoM is the Book of Scripts, which promises to make every playthrough unique and immerse the players in the dark and grim setting. With the recent increase in story-heavy games coming out, this sounds like a welcome edition to the fold.

Plague Inc

Who said Pandemic was the only game about viruses allowed?! Plague Inc was the highly popular game where players attempted to evolve their chosen virulent nasty into somthing that could take down the world before each country gets wise and develops immunity. The board game version switches this solo endeavour into a competitive race to become top bug. What I love is the feel of the video game has been transplanted faithfully, with players being able to develop their little goobers to more effectively spread themselves in what appears to be an area control game.

Images from kickstarter.com.

Bevan Clatworthy
Bevan Clatworthy
An avid board and card gamer, this displaced Cornishman has spent way too much time playing games and skulking around his local hobby shops. He later escaped to Swindon, the land of roundabouts, where he currently designs games whilst infecting those who stand still too long with his gaming lurgy.

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