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DC News: TV is getting a little more Super by the minute

At SDCC, DC presented fans with A Night of DC Entertainment. There they aired the pilots for both Gotham and The Flash to some very eager fans. After the showings, the casts of ArrowConstantineThe Flash and Gotham all gathered in one panel to answer questions and reveal news (then, post questioning, Matt Ryan managed to convince them to show the Constantine pilot). Here is a brief round up with new videos.


Constantine debuts a new trailer – which gives a lot more footage, but some similar shots from the pilot – such as the significant presence of Lucy Griffiths, who was cast as Liv Aberdine in the pilot. Newcomer Angelica Celaya had only just begun shooting for her role as Zed, so there aren’t any shots in the her in the trailer. However, it does give a glimpse into the atmosphere of the series.

The Spectre, Papa Midnight and more are expected to appear in the series, but no casting announcements have been made yet.

Arrow fans can get suitably excited for the reveal that Ra’s Al Ghul will make his appearance on Arrow – after many nods and hints – to be the main antagonist for Season 3DC released an update to their Season 3 trailer with the news, which gave us a glimpse of the man being the League of Assassins. Additionally, it seems Ray Palmer will not only be seeking Oliver’s company, but Oliver’s city as well – since it appears he is attempting to re-brand the city to match the one in the DC Comics Universe.

Outside the trailer, it has also been confirmed that Ted Grant – otherwise known as Wildcat – is headed Laurel’s way.


The Flash hasn’t received a new trailer yet, but it has seen this clip which once again shows the connections it has to Arrow – the billboard advertises Palmer Technologies, which is the company of Ray Palmer (played by former Superman actor Brandon Routh)…who will be bidding for Queen’s Consolidated in season 3 of Arrow. Additionally, there are nice Easter eggs of a certain Gorilla, and the speedster himself…

Latest casting news include the fact that Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) has been cast as leader of the Rogues, Leonard Snart.


Gotham didn’t recieve a new trailer at SDCC either, but the official Youtube channel has been debuting some 1 minute teasers. In this one, we see Bruce attempting to conquer his fear with a trial by fire, Oswald being linked to his future criminal name Penguin, and…Arkham has been closed? Will we see the re-opening of the Asylum to house those who are criminally insane? That guy holding the cleaver in the featurette might just be its first inmate…

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