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Deus Ex Soundtrack – Free Awesomeness

Eidos Montréal have announced the free-to-download remix of the 13 year-old Deus Ex soundtrack, titled Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation.

Yesterday the community page for Eidos Montréal updated with a post about the soundtrack remix in collaboration with OverClocked Remix (responsible for the free Super Street Fighter2 Turbo HD soundtrack remix that I absolutely love).

Eidos initially teased everyone by giving a brief history lesson on the original Deus Ex soundtrack: “Primarily composed by Alexander Brandon (with the support of Dan Gardopée and Michiel van den Bos), this iconic audio ensemble was influenced by the styles of techno, jazz and classical – its gritty ambient tunes and driving beats gaining wide critical acclaim after the release of Deus Ex in 2000. As many of you will remember, the game capitalized on a dynamic music system to match the tunes to the player’s actions, shifting from slow to fast-paced as the situation required. A remastered version featuring added instruments and audio production was also shipped with early copies of the GOTY edition.”

They went on to say: “Alexander Brandon and the OC Remix team have completely remixed and reimagined the slammin’ sounds of the original Deus Ex soundtrack to bring them to you like you’ve never heard before.”

Sonic Augmentation will be released via the OC Remix Tab on the official Deus Ex Facebook Page in two track packages until the album has been released in full, and one track is already available: “The Search for Ambrosia” by Zircon & Jillian Aversa.

You can stream the tracks from your browser, or download them at your leisure… though there’s no word on how long the tracks will be available, so I’d recommend downloading them as & when they become available.


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