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Thursday, August 18, 2022

E3 – Dark Souls 3 Confirmed!

It’s that time of year again, where the giants of the gaming world come together to pump our hype levels beyond our mortal ken: E3. This year, it’s kicked off with an impressive bang, and Bandai Namco and From Software were not to be left behind.

Those of us who love ‘Soulsbourne’ style games will be delighted to learn that Dark Souls 3 has now officially been confirmed. There were leaks of screenshots and promotional material before the main event – something that’s now becoming par for the course for large publishers – but the game’s trailer was officially shown during the Xbox One event today.

Check out the trailer below:


So, no actual gameplay, but the cinematics look impressive. We have the usual misshapen things FromSoft love to throw at us, and a preposterously huge boss shown to tease us. I’m sure as hell looking forward to killing whatever that was.

Fans of the series, particularly Dark Souls 2, will note the similarities between the games, with a focus on crowns and the design of the Giant Lord being repeated for the enormous beast at the end. It looks like Miyazaki always had a plan to round this off as a trio of games, and we are about to fight in a world with little to nothing left.

Only embers remain indeed…

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