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Episode 125 – Word! Our Breaks over, time to get on with the Show!

New Gameovercast Podcast is online. Press the link below orrrrrr, as always, subscibe on I-Tunes to listen

Welcome to the first Gameovercast episode of 2013!!!!
Bringing you the awesome this episode is none other than NINAZU, Gibson, Radarhead, Nijinsky and Geek prides own Tommy baby!
In games they’ve been playing the crew talk up Wasteland for Arma 2, Dota 2, SWTOR, Spec Ops the line, Dark Souls and more.
News has them stroking their beards at the Steam Box reveal, Hammering more nails in coffins as Nintendo sales over 10 million 3ds in Japan and more news besides.
The finish by posing some interesting questions for the listeners:

According to metacritic the average score of games dropped this year over previous years. Is it due to games being of lower quality, or because of consumers and reviewers just getting spoilt by quality games?

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