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FALLOUT 4…..Things I DON’T want


Let’s get straight to it, we all know what Fallout 4 is and most of us are pumped as hell for release. We all have expanding lists of things we want to see but I’m not going to do that… so here is a list of things I… wait for it…. DON’T want to see in the game, that’s right you heard me.


Wandering the wastes in fallout 3 and New Vegas was amazing and really gave a sense of scale to the surprisingly small maps. As limited as they were in size (as surprising as that may sound to some of you) there was always something right around the corner to give you a handy little surprise. like when you go through a pair of jeans and find a crumpled up fiver (that means £5 for our non UK readers).

I say this because I don’t want a vehicle to be added to the game for the simple reason that vehicles get you from point A to point B in a short amount of time, leaving less time and space for exploring. Locations being so tightly packed made you feel spoiled for choice when you saw those little hollow triangles, I do not want to lose that. Vertibirds are in the trailer and I hope for the love of god they are just to be murdered to death.

Voice acting

Another thing that caused me a bit of discomfort in the trailer was the wanderer’s voice. A talking bad ass is cool as fuck, don’t get me wrong I’m all for witty one liners and convincing voice acting, however, Fallout Effect sounds like an awful idea. Being able to imagine your characters voice was an underrated blessing in my opinion, you could have him sounding like crusty the slaver clown if you really wanted and this added depth as well as hilarity depending on who you were role playing. I don’t want to be tied to some unlikable douche choice actor. Scripts can make or break a game and Fallout has no room for it.


Skill dependency

Choosing Melee weapons in the newer fallout titles is pretty much you unbuckling your belt and biting a pillow for your many enemies. You will always have to choose some kind of ranged weapon but a wider variety of paths to take would be greatly appreciated. One can only pray that we won’t have to depend on the obvious skills as per usual.


The world has come a long way since the release of New Vegas, sure we had some steps backwards too but I think it’s finally time for us to have the gore and gearing up we deserve as “responsible” adults. Drugs, violence and possibly sex are pretty much key in a post apocalypse, I was genuinely surprised when smoking had to be modded in to the other games when the animations were already there for NPCs.I can completely understand that Bethesda don’t want to make too much of a splash and obviously child murder is a touchy subject but we need to remember that the wasteland is a cruel and inhospitable place. I’m looking at you Australia!

Who knows what will be in the final release? Well, I mean of course some people do, that was a bit of a stupid question. What I’m trying to say is Bethesda could add any of these things but from my point of view they would most likely be a hindrance. All we can do is put out faith in them as we move ever closer to release.

War. Hopefully war won’t change too much.

Nestled in the tranquil reaches of Cheshire lives Jordan, a casual writer and lover of video games. When he's not exploring a dungeon or flying a spaceship, you can bet your sweet ass he'll be complaining about something.

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