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The Fastest Jersey Alive!!

“My name is Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive….”


As a huge Flash fan, hearing those words every week always brings a smile to my face. My hero from the comic books come to life on the TV screen. The Flash ruled my life back in the 90’s when John Wesley Shipp was Barry Allen and now in 2016, Grant Gustin is The Scarlet Speedster.

2 seasons in and im already finding myself reading the graphic novels of old and new, buying the Funko Pops! And of course wearing the fabled “Reverse Flash Ring”. The best kind of Merchandise though has always been the wearables; t-shirts, Baseball caps, hoodies and cosplays.


The guys at GeekyJersey.com though gave us geeks and Flash fans what I consider the ultimate in a geeky tuxedo. The Central City Speedsters Jersey!


Beautifully designed and crafted with every inch of the flash in mind, the Jersey is bright, sharp and defines what a Scarlet speedster is. Rocking the blazing red and yellow colours of Barry Allen, it also contains well sewn patches of bolts on the shoulders with the name “ALLEN” on the back with a number of your choice (you can have any name put on the back but ALLEN seemed the right choice), on the front is something that can only be described at simply Awesome!


The Main Patch “Central City Speedsters” is something to behold! The design touches on every concept of Speedsters from Jay Garrick, Eobard Thawn direct to Barry Allen. Blazing across your chest like a beacon for all to see. Carefully sewn not to leave any straggling bits of thread, every bit of excess has been painstakingly removed to leave a clean smooth result, this goes for all the patches Geeky Jerseys has produced for this item. It breathes well and doesn’t itch or irritate the skin, when washed it dries quickly, it also works as a great insulator as well, something I really wasn’t expecting. It kept me warm on a cold day and very cool on a hot day, best of both worlds basically. These would be a con goers perfect choice as we all know how hot it can get at a con.


After wearing it out and around my local town and at a Comicon, I got so many compliments from other Flash fans and geeks alike they were asking me where I got it from and how they could get one? To which I was more than happy to oblige that information.


The price tags on these jerseys are worth every penny and I will be adding many more to my shopping cart very soon. The shipping from the states to the UK was extremely fast, to the point I thought the flash himself had delivered it. If any of you geeks out there haven’t yet seen or heard of geeky jerseys click the link below and it will take you straight to their home page. All geeks need a tuxedo and the guys at geeky jerseys can sort you out…..in a Flash!


Get yours at www.geekyjerseys.com

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