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Z Nation: Zombie Sharks?

by on 17/08/2014

The Asylum, the powerhouse production company that brought us Sharknado, Mega-Piranha and a wealth of other SyFy B-Movie “classics” have announced that their new zombie series will debut in September this year.

Z Nation is set three years after the zombie uprising and follows a group of survivors as they accompany the only human ever to survive a zombie bite (this sounds a little familiar) across America to the only remaining viral lab.

It has a pretty impressive looking cast, with DJ Qualls and Harold Perrineau both getting a big thumbs up from me: not only genuinely good actors but some zombie credentials there as well.

Of course it won’t be another Walking Dead, this is the SyFy channel after all, we should know what to expect. It doesn’t seem as in-your-face ridiculous as a lot of their stuff, and may actually hit a nice balance of horror and humour.