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Geek Ink

Welcome to the Gun show, My left arm, based on LOTR Armour

Tattoos have been around for about 5000 years now  but  despite a long history of cool people like Pirates, Rockers, soldiers and well, Me, having them, it is only now that they are becoming that bit more common place. 

No longer the bastion of rogues, uncivilised tribes and the great unwashed; ‘Ink’ (that’s what all the cool kids call it these days) is now in the main stream and with it, something wonderful is happening.

With Geekdom following close on the heels of the tattoo, into the world of acceptance and even ‘The norm.’  It seems both worlds are merging and within the resulting stew a new form of artistic expression has been born.. ‘Geek Ink’

It’s a movement showing ones pride in ones passion, in the next evolution of what being a proud geek is. It’s not about hiding away what you are in side, on the contrary, it is about emblazoning it on your skin for all to see!

I give to you, ladies and gentlegeeks, some of GPs readers and their Geek Ink




Please note, if your name isn’t beside your tattoo , then please get in touch.


If you have Any tattoos you want to show off to the world, then please email them over to Content@geek-pride.co.uk  



Matt Geary
Matt Gearyhttps://www.geek-pride.co.uk
From N.Ireland but now living in Manchester, England; Matt is the founder and CEO of Geek Pride. Interests: Photography, Music, Art, poetry, Military History, Model making and painting and of course gaming (table top and computer)

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