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Geek of the Week # 6 – Raymond Chan

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This weeks Geek of the week is called Raymand Chan and  is a man of very few words…. but who needs words when you have allllll those comic books! What a collection! One that needs to be displayed.. your next task, with the fame and fortune you will receive from the GOTW accolade, is to acquire, and or build, a mighty Man Cave to house this worthy collection… standard rules, for none believers,  apply of course

“Touch not least ye be touched” 


We cought up with Raymond to talk about his collection


  1. Geek of the Week Raymond, how does it make you feel?


  2.  You have a mighty collection of comic books there, how many do you think you have in total and how long have you been collecting for?

    [quote]ive been a collector for roughly 25 years with over 1500 comics?[/quote]

  3.  Got any rare first editions?

    [quote]i do have a few first editions [/quote]

  4. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse.. what’s your preference and why?

    [quote]marvel an top cow, ive always been a big spidey fan since i was a kid an top cow coz i like the stories an art work[/quote]

  5.  If you had to give up all your comics (hard as that might be for you) bar one, which would you keep?

    [quote]defo spidey[/quote]

  6.  Are comics the only thing you are into or do you have other geeky interests / Addictions?

    [quote]erm…. nope, just comics[/quote]

  7. Anything else you’d like to say?id be so proud to be named geek of the week

     [quote]It has been my honour to be Geek of the week[/quote]

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