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Geeks on Film: 05/04/13

This week we have updates on upcoming horror reboots Carrie and Evil Dead, info on Tim Burton’s next movie and more film news. I’ll also take a look at this week’s new releases and tell you why I’m excited about Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming film, Only God Forgives.

This Week’s Top Stories

carrie2013We’ve got some news on upcoming horror remakes or ‘reboots’, depending how you see them, this week. Firstly, with Carrie which has been put back for an October release. Based on Stephen King’s first published novel and the 1976 film, Carrie is a supernatural horror about a socially outcast girl who discovers that she has psionic powers. Constantly humiliated by her abusive Mother and fellow students, Carrie’s ability seems to flare up when she is angry or distressed. Featuring that famous prom scene, Carrie is a horror classic.

So, it’s no surprise that over thirty years later it’s been revamped. However, a new trailer emerged this week and it really does look like just an updated version of the original, nothing new. Regardless, it still looks worth watching and will undoubtedly be a popular release during the Halloween season. Definitely a wise move delaying the release in my opinion.

Some interesting news on the upcoming Evil Dead ‘reboot’, a term which I use as it’s not technically a remake. With director of the original films Sam Raimi already having confirmed working on another sequel (mentioned a few weeks ago) and director of the reboot Fede Alvarez announcing plans for a sequel, we’ll be inundated with evil dead things. What’s more interesting, is that there are plans for a crossover movie after these sequels, which will tie the old and new storylines together. Sounds like a bit of a mindfuck to me to be honest.


Joseph Konsinski has announced a TRON sequel, following TRON Legacy, currently working under the name TR3N. Avengers 2 is coming to the UK, following the footsteps of Guardians of the Galaxy which will begin filming over here in the Summer. Shooting will begin for what is surely to be one of the highest-budget action films of all time early next year, ahead of a 2015 release. Also, Guillermo del Toro has been rather excitedly talking about his project Justice League Dark. Del Toro has announced that Constantine will be the lead character, along with Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Etrigan and the Floronic Man. Can’t wait for more news on that one.

Now for something completely different, it’s been announced that there will be a sequel to Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo in 2015, with Finding Dory. Originally thought to be a prank, the project has been confirmed and I’m sure it will be as fabulously charming as the first. 


new-world-war-z-poster-brings-the-carnage-131676-a-1365059693-470-75Production will begin this Summer for Tim Burton’s new film, Big Eyes, which tells the story of Walter and Margaret Keane, a pair of artists who became famous in the 1960’s. Margaret becomes tired of her husband hogging all the fame despite her being the real talent, and things begin to go wrong from there.

Little other info on the film at the moment, but Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams have been cast as the duo, so it’s set to be a little bit special. I’m a huge fan of Waltz, particularly with his recent work with Tarantino, and he scooped plenty of awards this year. 

This week we’ve also been given a new poster for upcoming film World War Z, another example of the focus on humans rather than zombies in the film. I’m completely undecided about this one, but I’ve decided to give the book a read over the next few works and go from there.


New Releases

This week’s main release is controversial new film, Spring Breakers, which I’m extremely sceptical about. Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez in very different roles from their usual teen-drivel, a group of girls are desperate to fund their spring break. They decide the best way to do this is to rob a fast-food restaurant, but end up getting arrested at a house party.

However, drug dealer Alien (a bizarre looking James Franco) bails them out and takes them on a rather unusual spring break trip. A while back, Spring Breakers was tipped to be one to watch this year, but with all promotional material consisting of shots of the foursome in bikinis and little other information, it’s certainly not got my attention.


Geeks in TV

380571-christina_hendricks__1_Tonight sees the climax of the season three finale of The Walking Dead, which I’ll be covering in extensive detail in a feature later this evening, so I’ll avoid any spoilers for now. It’s good. As it’s coming to an end, it has been replaced with Games of Thrones which came back to our screens on Sunday night with it’s third series.

We’ve got US ’60s drama Mad Men returning on Wednesday for his sixth series, expect much whiskey and shots of Cristina Hendricks. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never watched a single episode. Don’t get me wrong, it’s grandeur certainly appeals to me, but I think that the fact that my boyfriend seems to be in love with Hendricks puts me off. A fear of coming face-to-face with my competition I guess. Or face-to-boob, as it would be. Damn her and her beautiful fake red hair (yeah, I went there).

Something I am excited about is True Blood which returns for it’s sixth series in a few months, check out my article earlier this week for more info and a look at the teaser.

More exciting news with the announcement that Martin Scorcese’s Gangs of New York is being expanded on with a TV series that will focus on gang activity in 19th Century Chicago and new Orleans. Let’s hope for plenty of blood and violence in that one. Definitely one to look out for.

Also, news on the planned S.H.I.E.L.D. series with the apparent return of Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson. Just quite how he will return is questionable and sparks plenty of debate on the plans for the series.


I’m Excited About…

Drive (2011)
Drive (2011)

Nicolas Winding Refn has a new film set for release next month, and after getting a glimpse of the new trailer for Only God Forgives, I can’t wait. The Danish director is behind such films as Drive, Bronson and the Pusher trilogy, a series of films based on the Copenhagen criminal underworld.

His films usually concentrate on crime and are often extremely violent, or at least suggestive of violence. I’m a huge fan of 2011’s Drive, starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan. If you haven’t seen it, in which case I urge you to, Gosling plays ‘The Driver’ a stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver. It’s a beautiful piece of cinema, despite the violence and has a stunning soundtrack. A modern classic.

Now, Winding Refn has cast Gosling in his new film, Only God Forgives. Another crime-thriller, this time set in Thailand. Gosling plays Julian, owner of a boxing club which is a front for drug smuggling. When his brother is killed by a Thai policeman, their Mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) demands justice, which comes in the form of a boxing match. With over-stylised ultra-violence and some rather brutal scenes, the film appears much darker than any of the Director’s previous work. Plenty of evidence of that with Kristin Scott Thomas’ character’s voice over in the trailer. Looking at the trailer, the cinematography looks fantastic and the film looks set to have another rather special soundtrack. 


Premiering at Cannes in May and hopefully coming to the UK shortly after, Only God Forgives really is one to watch that might be just under the radar. Ryan Gosling himself as described the film as ‘extreme’ and like ‘part of a nightmare’. Gosling really is an outstanding actor, and the news last week of his departure from acting came as somewhat of a shock. Turning his attention to directing, perhaps we might see some exciting films from him in the future.

For now, check out the new red-band trailer (aimed at mature audiences only, it is a little violent) for a film that, following suit with it’s predecessor, Drive, I’m tipping for great things.


Hani Fearon
Hani Fearon
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