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An interview with Greg Grunberg

“Doctor Who would absolutely be the next one I would do anything to be in.  We will see if that happens.”

As Greg Grunberg explains, just because he has already appeared in four major sci-fi franchises (Star Trek, Star Wars, Heroes and Lost), does not mean he will be stopping any time soon.

For many, Greg Grunberg will be immediately recognised as the psychic superhero Matt Parker in Heroes.  However, the long-time friend and collaborator of JJ Abrams has also appeared in Star Trek as Kirk’s dad and Commander Finnegan, in Star Wars as rebel pilot Snap Wexley, and as the pilot Seth Norris in Lost.  Not bad for fitting all of this in only ten years…

Greg Grunberg appeared at Destination Star Trek Europe (organised by Massive Events) earlier this month, where we had chance to ask Grunberg a couple of questions before he met his fans.  Naturally, given his long career in sci-fi, it felt only fair to ask him about this…

You have been in FOUR major sci-fi franchises.  What is your secret?

I have just been so lucky, this year especially, having been in Star Wars and Star Trek.  It’s J.J. Abrams, it’s no mystery that we love working together and have done it over and over again.  He is a really close friend of mine, so without him I would never have been in any of these, so I owe it to him.

Despite the powers in Heroes, your character of Matt Parkman was incredibly grounded…

That is absolutely what I try to do, is be where anybody can step into my shoes and be relatable.  I have been given great roles, and that role in particular was wonderful, because my power was the brain, so it was an emotional power – so I loved that.  Plus, on a series, you have time to develop the character, change it and all that, and they wrote great stuff for me.

Greg Grunberg, thank you.


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