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James Purdy and his Elementary Kickstarter Campaign

Educational comics, films, and games, on the whole, suck. James Purdy, a writer and artist, is hoping to shake things up with his tale of a super hero that can become anything in the periodic table; Elemental. I managed to get in touch and asked him about his reasoning, and his journey to Kickstarter  a few days ago.
What inspired you to write Elemental?
 I  used to tutor two boys; one was 9 and dyslexic the other was 9 and autistic at a school. They were starved of knowledge because the school put them in a low level class, assuming they could not keep up, I worked with them in my lunch hour every day, teaching science (their Favourite class). Then I drew up a very basic Elemental in pencil and it helped them learn the basics, it was very a different design, but they loved it.
What is, in your opinion, the current state of science education in UK?

 Not great, science is pushed to the “back of the class”, so to speak. I would like to see science experiments to wow kids rather than bore them!! I can think of five at the top of my head that will make kids of any age go “wow!”, But some teachers think it is not worth it.
What sets this Elemental from other “educational” comics?
  Nothing like Elemental has ever been done before and people can see it has that spark, it gives children the chance to learn and have fun at their own speed.
Why did you decide to Crowdfund the project?
To help get some funding for Elemental and to help get it out there and noticed by the public.
What is your favourite Alkali metal? 
Potassium! as a teenager for science class I loved throwing a lump of potassium in water and watch it burn violet.
What comics are you currently reading?
The Young Avengers, Xmen, and I love the new Spider-man story (Superior Spider-Man)  where he has switched minds with doctor Octopus, and the goblin nation story.
Give me, in one sentence, a reason to back your project
It helps children to learn and love science.
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Yes I would like to say a big HELLO to my two students who helped inspired Elemental Pablo and Hamish and my two new comic artists who are working with me on my new up and coming comic The Five Paths of Pain, Hi guys and I couldn’t do it without you.
If you like what you heard, check out his KStarter Here
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