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MadGeek.com Limited Edition Back to the Future Cufflink and Tie Clip set

From time to time, we lovable geeks here at Geek Pride, get our hands on some amazing merchandise to oogle, fondle and sometimes stand and stare at with mouth awide; a small amount of drool protruding from our lower lip. Then there are those days we get something so awesome and stylish that we drop to our knees and thank the gods of geekdom for the bounty they have provided us.

The Guys at Madgeek.com provided us with the latter and given us the opportunity to review their limited editon and numbered “Back to the Future” ‘Flux Capacitor’ cufflinks and ‘Time Circuits’ tie clip.

The cufflinks and tie clip come in a well presented black box with the “Back to the future” logo emblazed in silver on the top;  the Mad Geek, and other necessary logos, underneath confirming its Official status; and the most important thing to many collectors, its hand written number in silver pen (up to 1500).

The cufflinks themselves are beautiful and incredibly clean. The Flux Capacitor is stamped onto a black background with a simple but effective design aswell as the bottom plug which has the ever so awesome 1.21 jigawatts stamped into it. It also has a curved bar to make it extra comfortable to wear, and easier to show off; especially on a black shirt which make these pop out and an immediate talking piece.

The Tie Clip is exactly as I would expect from the Time Circuits Display; reading “Oct 26 1985” which is a reference to the time period the film is set. This attached nicely and held its place for quiet a long time before it started to slip a little, which is to be expected when your moving about. Once again, the display is stamped with a black background making it easy to see and read.

Both are made of Stainless Steel and crafted to perfection with a polished finished, both fit snuggly in the box so they don’t wiggle about, and when receiving the items they came well packaged to stop any damage from Rogue Posties (believe me, we’ve had our fair share).

Unfortunately with a grand item comes a grand price, $110.00, which for a lowly geek like myself is a tad steep but as a must have item and one you like the look of, especially for collectors, this is a great piece to own, especially for those special occasions when a simple shirt and tie just wont do and you need to add that extra “Roads? where we’re going we don’t need roads!” or for a simple display piece? they go very well next to any BTTF merchandise.

All in all a great item and one that any BTTF fan will covet.

I’m giving MadGeek’s Limited Edition Back to the Future Cufflink and tie clip set an overall 4 out of 5.

To get yours and other, similar, great items check out their website HERE

link http://www.madgeekcollectibles.com/shop/back-to-the-future-cufflinks-and-tie-bar-gift-set

On another note, we will be presenting this box to Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, at London Film and Comic Con at the Olympia this July and we will be sharing that with our friends at MadGeek and on our FaceBook Page.

until next time. Wear your Pride!

Journalist, PR, father all round King of Geeks. "Hail to the king!"

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