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Marvel Concept Art for Avengers: Age of Ultron!

After teasing their fans with only small pieces of what would complete the concept art poster for Age of Ultorn, Marvel has finally released the last two parts of the puzzle. I have to say, it looks quite amazing, something I am not all that surprised about.

After releasing the Iron Man and Scarlett Witch, followed quickly by Black Widow and Captain America posters, the rest of our heroes’ (or not so much) posters finally got unveiled. I think I might have even spotted The Vision there.

Take a look at the concept art posters of the movie, a movie that we still have quite a while to wait for. I suppose if we’re feeling particularly optimistic we can say it’s less than a year and be happier for it. May 1st of next year can’t come sooner.

53d2789beb0d2                                           tumblr_n9bsi6jND11rmqnb5o2_500


53d1215076317tumblr_n9bsi6jND11rmqnb5o1_500 (1)                                          tumblr_n9bsi6jND11rmqnb5o1_500 (1)

tumblr_n9bqltyHru1qgrtuno4_128053d030bab6835                                          tumblr_n9bqltyHru1qgrtuno4_1280

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And for your convenience, a put together version of them all!


Cristina Bogdan
Cristina Bogdan
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