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Megacon Live at London Excel: A Mixed Bag of Pop Culture Delights

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Megacon Live, the latest offering from Malo Events, promised an amalgamation of modern pop culture, spanning film, TV, gaming, anime, social media, and retail, all packed into one epic weekend at the renowned London Excel. With over 30 years of event industry expertise, Malo Events aimed to deliver an unforgettable experience, encouraging attendees not only to participate but also to share their adventures online.

This year marked a significant shift as Megacon Live debuted at the Excel centre, a venue previously monopolised by MCM Comic Con for many years. Excitement brewed among convention veterans curious to see if this new event could fill the void left by MCM’s perceived shortcomings of being overpriced, overcrowded, and underwhelming.


Disability in Cosplay Panel (on a TokFEST stage?)

The Excel centre as always proved to be a worthy venue, offering ample space and amenities that attendees appreciated. The event felt less crowded compared to its predecessors, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, the presence of more artist alley stalls and independent traders added diversity and excitement to the shopping experience. Attendees also praised the inventive use of photo backdrop areas, adding an extra layer of fun to the event.

In addition, Megacon Live demonstrated a commendable commitment to the cosplay community. The designated cosplay zone, while a common feature at many events, stood out for its spacious layout. Attendees praised the provision of changing areas, convenient bag storage, and a dedicated space for costume repairs. The inclusion of friendly and helpful advice for cosplayers added a welcoming touch, enhancing the overall experience. The volunteers involved in managing the cosplay zone should be applauded for their efforts in creating a supportive and enjoyable environment for cosplay enthusiasts.


However, Megacon Live faced its fair share of challenges. The decision to host the event in early January was met with mixed feelings. The cold weather, coupled with open venue doors, made for an uncomfortable experience, deterring some attendees from fully enjoying the event. Moreover, the timing of the event posed difficulties for those who struggled to take time off work or had limited funds post-festive season.

Security measures at the event also came under scrutiny. The premature closure of the venue doors 30 minutes before the advertised closing time left many attendees distressed, unable to retrieve purchased items or belongings from the baggage drop. Additionally, photographers faced restrictions on capturing moments throughout the venue, leading to frustration among cosplayers and photography enthusiasts.

In addition to the challenges mentioned, Megacon Live faced criticism regarding accessibility. Numerous attendees reported issues with accessible toilets, with several being closed off throughout the event. This posed a significant inconvenience and discomfort for individuals who required these facilities. The lack of clear signage further exacerbated the problem, making it difficult for attendees to locate the available accessible toilets. Improving accessibility and providing clearer signage should be prioritised in future events to ensure an inclusive and positive experience for all attendees.

Furthermore, the integration of other events, such as “tokfest,” within Megacon Live’s space created confusion and diluted the overall brand experience. Vendors reported issues with communication and logistics, with some items not arriving on time for setup, highlighting a broader issue with organisation and management.

In conclusion, Megacon Live at London Excel showcased the potential to be a new beacon in the pop culture event landscape, capitalising on the strengths of its venue and diverse offerings. However, certain logistical and organisational challenges need to be addressed to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees in future iterations.

One of many backdrops, somewhat confusing in theme, we can’t help but feel a postcard from a fantasy/gaming location would be been more thematic…

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Provided logistical and organisational challenges are addressed, then Megacon Live has the potential to be a new beacon in the pop culture event landscape.Megacon Live at London Excel: A Mixed Bag of Pop Culture Delights