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Old School, New Twist: A Board Game Preview of “Pegged In”

Board games.
Over the years, board games have become so widely varied in their nature that I think it’s safe to say that there is something for everyone.

A friend of mine made the mistake of telling me that they didn’t enjoy board games because they felt outdated and lacked depth (board games, not my friend). I made them play Betrayal at House on the Hill and they were hooked!
But with so many different board games on the market, has the market become so varied that we have forgotten the basics? Why is it that board games have remained a staple form of household entertainment in this digital age of gaming? What, at their very core, makes a board game great?

“Look at my pile of pegs. This means that I am better than you! Muahaha!”

The people over at Connecting Neurons are endeavouring to find out.
With their new venture Pegged In, they are looking to explore the roots of what makes a board game so enjoyable.
With a heavy focus on the elements of social interaction in a board game, Pegged In offers a fun and enjoyable, yet surprisingly tactical game which encourages people to get together and enjoy what it is to play a board game. There are even rules to adapt this as a drinking game, apparently, which we here at Geek Pride can’t possibly comment on in either encouragement or discouragement (please drink responsibly, don’t be a poopnugget, don’t drink underage).

It’s safe to say that this game has me very excited.
Board games were a large part of my childhood and I’ve come to relish the experiences I’m presented with when playing games, whether it was my Mum playing poorly on purpose so her litle Craiglet could win or my Grandad finding new and interesting ways to cheat, teaching the Craiglet that life is hard and not always fair.
Still to this day, when given the opportunity to sit around a table with friends and play a game, I will more often than not jump at the chance, and then usually cry in pain as I was sat at a desk and the jumping made my knees hit said desk…

Did I mentioned each game was tooled out of lovely birch wood?
Did I mentioned each game was tooled out of lovely birch wood?

My pain and embarassment aside, however, Pegged In is live on Kickstarter currently and is, as I write this, around 75% funded, so it’s looking very likely that we will see this game on the shelves in the future but Connecting Neurons needs your helps to make this a possibility. If this is something that you think might be of interest you then please, go and support their Kickstarter here and tell them Craig sent you.

In a world where we have an abundance of board games at our disposal, let’s not forget our roots; let’s take time and appreciate the simple joys of the tabletop game at its core.

Definitely keep your eye out for this one and please, do support the project.

Until next time, I’ve been and will probably stay,


Craig has been raised on geekery from a young age when his Mum introduced him to Star Trek the Next Generation on TV as a kid. Since then, he has gained a wide love of all things "Geek", be it books/comics, cinema or gaming in all formats. He has a particular keen interest in all manner of RPG, be it on a tabletop or in a field larping.

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