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Pokémon Anime Announced

To coincide with the release of Pokémon X and Y on October 12th, there is to be a one-off special based on the original games on it’s way. That’s right folks, Pokémon: The Origin is set to air on October 2nd, ahead of the new releases for 3DS.


Pokémon_box_art_-_Red_VersionThe one-off will be based around Pokémon Red and Green (Red and Blue elsewhere) which were the first games of the series to be released back in 1996 in Japan.

The new anime will follow Pokémon trainer Red on his journey and follow the original storyline of the game, challenging gym leader Brock and competing with his main rival, Green.

Along with the trailer for Pokémon: The Origin, another mystery clip has been circulating the web. The clip appeared after the trailer was shown at an event and features what appears to be game footage for another console. This has sparked rumours of a Wii U game. Do people actually own those? Anyway, there’s a bit of a buzz about it on the interweb.

Possible Wii U game aside, I can’t wait for the anime special. It may be not be considered to be quite as cool as it used to be (Pokémon fans were the coolest people, obv) but I’m still a huge Pokémon fan. I haven’t really been big on the recent additions to the series, but I adored the games back in the 90s. Hopefully the new anime will be a nice homage to the original games and a real treat for fans old and new. Now, I have a sudden urge to whack out Pokémon Stadium, so I’ll leave the trailer with you.


Hani Fearon
Hani Fearon
I'm an aspiring film journalist living in Chester. Into all kinds of geekery from N64 to Xbox, graphic novels, cosplay anime and more. I have an unhealthy obsession with Pokémon and the Legend of Zelda series. So much so that I have two Zelda tattoos and various Pokémon lurking all over my house. In my spare time when I'm not busy being a real person and working, I'm writing or making retro games jewellery. I'm also obsessed with pandas. They're fabulous.

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