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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

R.I.P.D Is MIB With Zombies

I just watched the trailer for R.I.P.D… twice… in quick succession… and I’m still grinning like a crack-addicted lolcat after they’ve actually got that bloody cheesburger.


Have you ever wondered what a Zombie(ish)-orientated cop version of Men In Black would be like? Well now you don’t have to, because Peter M. Lenkov already beat you to the punch and wrote a graphic novel about it called Rest In Peace Department. Now it’s been adapted for the big screen by director Robert Schwentke (RED, Lie To Me, Flightplan) under the title R.I.P.D.

Ryan Reynolds plays veteran cop Nick Walker who gets gunned-down mid-raid, and upon reaching the afterlife is recruited to the R.I.P.D – an elite group of undead cops tasked with retrieving undead absconders from the world of the living. He then uses his newfound supernatural policing abilities to track down his killer.

I don’t know if its just ’cause I think Ryan Reynolds is a frickin’ genius, or if Jeff Bridges‘ accent is so hammy-yet-awesome, but I really love this trailer, and can’t wait for the movie – and as I have an affinity for prettymuch anything zombie-orientated (even if it is a very loose association by being undead cops), I think I’ll be looking up the graphic novel too!

Check out the trailer for yourself below.


R.I.P.D is due for release on 19th July.

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