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Rooftop Retro: Lost Format Society

What can you do on top of an NCP in Croydon on a Wednesday? Enjoy an evening of drinks, food and a good movie of course!

The Lost Format Society is a rooftop bar and cinema located in Croydon town centre it is not only a cinematic experience but also doubles as a night out with a bar, garden games, (giant jenga anyone?), and a great party atmosphere where you can just hang out with the gang.

The brainchild of three school friends; Lost Format Society tries to capture those halcyon days of youth in the late 80’s and early 90’s where Nintendo and big screen TVs ruled. The cinema screen is even set up to look like one of those big CRTs everyone had back in the day! Everything is splashed with a funky retro aesthetic, from graffiti by local artists to the old school deckchairs you sit on whilst watching the movie.

                          LFS_3                                       I can smell the Saturday morning.

I had a great time the staff where really helpful and polite and at the slightest hint of rain all the attendees where offered a plastic poncho to keep those oh so wonderful April showers at bay. The film of the evening, last year’s critically acclaimed hit The Martian the screening quality was great and I would recommend this experience to anyone, provided you don’t mind contending with the great British weather.


I wanted to sit in it but I wasn’t allowed

I spoke to Mark one of the organisers and he told me about how he wanted to give Croydon and the surrounding areas a better name by putting on events like this. I for one agree with this sentiment. In these times of public service cuts to things like the arts and local events I feel more entrepreneurial types should be organising this sort of thing.

The Lost Format Society’s programme starts April 28th with the aforementioned The Martian. Tickets are £10 each plus booking fee. Upcoming films include Back to the Future, Mad Max Fury Road and Labyrinth. Check the event out on their website at http://www.lostformatsociety.co.uk/

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