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Superman Confirmed for Season Two of CW’s Supergirl

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It can be argued that season one of Supergirl was not without its ups and downs, but no one could deny that one of the biggest gripes came from the involvement (such as it was) of Kara Zor-El’s cousin and longest of long shadows, Superman.

Assumedly hamstrung by some complex agreement with Warner Brothers, the producers of Supergirl were reduced to only showing fleeting glimpses of the Man of Steel’s big toe or otherwise having his presence felt through Whatsapped cat videos to Kara while she was in the middle of saving the world. At the time executive producer Sarah Shecter explained away Supes’ shyness:

I think the reason why Superman’s not in the show is because it’s not about him. And it’s her show and it’s about her and he is just sort of a shadow in the back of her psyche, and I think that’s the right way to portray him because that’s how she experiences it.

But faster than a speeding bullet and following the recent news that the show was jumping networks to the CW, today has seen the announcement that casting is underway for an actor to play Superman in a number of episodes in season two. But if you’re wondering whether this version of Krypton’s favourite son will have any links to past or present incarnations, EP Andrew Kreisburg has your answer:

It’s not the Christopher Reeve version. It’s not the Henry Cavill version. It’s a version of Superman and what he has gone through in the world that we live in and the things that he’s faced and what’s happened to him vis-a-vis how it reflects on Kara is all our invention.

Hopefully he’ll stick around long enough for a cheeky crossover with the Emerald Archer, Scarlet Speedster and those wacky funsters over on Legends of Tomorrow!

Supergirl season one will be available on DVD from July 25th. A season two release date has yet to be announced.

Who would you like to see guest star on Supergirl? Let us know in the comments below!

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