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Henry Cavill’s first photo as Clark Kent – Batman v Superman

by Cristina Bogdanon 30/06/2014
We’ve all been dying to get more news from the set of the long awaited Batman vs. Superman and they finally gave us a photo. It’s not much – and it’s only a picture of Superman’s “cunningly” crafted disguise, Clark Kent – but hey, it gives me hope that more is to follow. The picture was […]

Last-Minute Low-Budget Halloween Costumes

by Laura Maieron 26/10/2013
Halloween is HOW MANY days away? EEEEEK! And I don’t even have a costume! So many parties and not one costume, OH THE HUMANITY! Sound familiar? Need to put a costume together in less than a week and with next to no money? Panic not, geeklings, I have some ideas…   The Endless Not all […]

Things Superman Shouldn’t Do

by SeanPWallaceon 13/10/2013
In the new 52, Superman’s strength is (according to Wikipedia) almost 6 sextillion metric tons of force. Before then, it was a mere 200 quillion metric tons (what a weakling, ey?). Suffice it to say, Superman with power from the Sun is pretty strong. He can move large asteroids and small planets. To put this […]

Jersey Welcomes Cavill For Man Of Steel Premiere

by James Buckinghamon 13/06/2013
Jersey welcomed local boy Kal-el, I mean, Henry Cavill, for a very special premiere screening of the much anticipated Man of Steel… and welcomed him in a typically “Jersey” way. Jersey – the small 42 square mile island off the southern coast of England hosted a special Man of Steel premiere, with Henry Cavill, Amy […]

New heart warming Man of Steel TV Spot

by Becca Harperon 30/05/2013
This new TV spot focusing on Superman’s Dad has left me with all these feels.  Honestly you’d have to have a heart of steel (see what I did there) to not at least a experience a little warm glow inside.    Man of Steel is set for release on the 14th of June!

Superman Ponders His Origins In New Trailer

by James Buckinghamon 17/04/2013
Warner Bros. dropped the latest trailer for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel movie in the wee hours of this morning, suitably bathed in the dulcet tones of one Russell Crowe. In quite an impressive-looking trailer, it seems that the “I don’t wanna be different” card is being played early on, with an emphasis on Kal-El growing some […]