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Soaring Penguin launches Kickstarter for debut graphic novel, The Glass Wall.

by Cristina Bogdanon 22/09/2020
In a little over a week Soaring Penguin Press will be launching their Kickstarter campain for The Glass Wall, their upcoming publication. This move comes on the heels of the revelation that only 13% of creators earned their sole income from comics. Soaring Penguin Press want to reestablish the balance and provide content creators with […]

Kickstarter spotlight Eternal Kings

by Andy Haighon 10/02/2018
Rolanda Issa’s Eternal Kings does something which strikes me as such a ‘why has nobody done this already?’ thing it kind boggles my mind. Eternal Kings to explain it in a simple way takes Chess, which almost everybody has played at some point, and combines it with a card game like for example Magic The […]

Sneaky Zebra Announce Latest Short Plans

by TinkerTonkson 17/01/2018
UK based filmmakers Sneaky Zebra last week launched a new Indiegogo campaign to fund their latest short film: Echoes of Darkness. The Star Wars themed fan film, penned by Sneaky’s very own Gary Scullion, aims to explore the new landscape of the universe created between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’. Instead of […]

The Geek Pride Cast #Primordial

by Matt Gearyon 15/05/2017
This week, on a live streamed podcast (on Facebook) Matt and Dave are joined by Dewsbury of Primordial Radio, to talk about their crowdfunding campaign. Dave also talks about Alien: Covenant and we have a discussion about spoilers.

Kickstart this – A crowdfunding round up

by Andy Haighon 17/04/2017
Welcome to the latest Geek Pride crowdfunding round up, our fearless contributors have spent many an hour sifting through hundreds of campaigns all wanting your hard earned money so you don’t have to. Strangehollow is an art book by Emily Hare. The book serves as an introduction to a strange and fantastical world inspired by […]

Kickstart this – A Crowdfunding round up.

by Andy Haighon 15/09/2016
Welcome to the latest GP crowdfunding round up, here’s a selection of some of the things wanting your support and hard earned cash that have stood out from the pack. Russian Subway Dogs is a fast paced arcade game from Spooky Squid Games inspired by the real life stray dogs that ride the Moscow Metro […]

Kickstart this – A crowdfunding round up

by Andy Haighon 07/08/2016
Welcome to the latestest edition of GP’s crowdfunding round up, this is what’s been pinging on the radar at GP HQ.     Curia Regis by Robin Hoelzemann is an on-going webcomic (you can read it here) which tells the story of Maren a courtier and Jacques a self- appointed monarch in training against the […]

Kickstart this – A crowdfunding round up

by Andy Haighon 02/07/2016
Welcome to the second GP crowdfunding roundup which this time takes in documentary film making, computer gaming and boardgames. Death of Glamour is a documentary project from Alex Sim-Wise and Carla Brown that looks at the rise and fall of the British glamour industry, from its early days in the 60’s to its slow death […]

Nancy in Hell comes to TV, hopefully

by Andy Haighon 11/06/2016
TV shows based on comics are popping up everywhere these days it seems. The thing the majority of them have in common is they involve superheroes, with the occasional exception like Wynona Earp and the recently premiered Outcast (for my thoughts on that go here). Another one of those exceptions to the rule, potentially anyways, […]

Kickstart this – A crowdfunding roundup

by Andy Haighon 29/05/2016
There’s a lot of stuff wanting your support via crowdfunding these days, so to save you sifting through the hundreds of different campaigns here’s a few highlights that are worth your attention and support. This time we’re focussing on comics and sequential art with four distinctly different books from different creative teams, taking in Noir, […]