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Judge Dredd: Titan, by Rob Williams, Henry Flint and Annie Parkhouse

by Peter Ray Allisonon 18/06/2016
Continuing with the ongoing examination of the fallout from the Chaos Day storyline, Judge Dredd: Titan examines how the judge penal system has been affected and the consequences of this for Mega City One. The cover of Judge Dredd: Titan is somewhat misleading.  The graphic novel starts out, much like the cover, with a platoon […]

British Comics Institution 2000AD is 39 This Week

by Andy Haighon 27/02/2016
British comics staple 2000AD is 39 this week. I wasn’t even born when the first issue of 2000AD arrived back in 1977 costing the sum of 8p in Earth money but I like many other British kids soon discovered the thrill power of 2000AD. Personally as much as I like X-Men and Batman comics have […]

Alo Alo Alo I am the Law! Brit-Cit Noir Review

by Andrew Corbanon 17/02/2016
I have always had an on-again-off-again relationship with 2000AD’s comics. Some I really enjoy and some… not so much. I love all of the classics; Strontium Dog, Nemesis the Warlock and the book that 2000AD is most famous for, the behelmeted and grim faced personification of justice himself, Judge Dredd. So when I found out that […]

Judge Dredd: Dead Zone, by John Wagner and Henry Flint

by Peter Ray Allisonon 08/02/2016
Dead Zone is the latest instalment in the ongoing epic of Judge Dredd, which continues the ongoing fallout of the Day of Chaos storyline. To give an idea of scale, the Day of Chaos storyline was a consequence of The Apocalypse Way storyline (first published in 1985). In the Dead Zone storyline, Mega City 1 […]

Film and Comic Con Sheffield

by Peter Ray Allisonon 22/08/2015
Geek Pride's Peter Ray Allison heads off to Film and Comic Con Sheffield for a convention that is quickly gain a reputation for excellence.

Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection

by Peter Ray Allisonon 08/02/2015
“Justice has a price. The price is freedom” (Judge Dredd: America, by John Wagner) 2000AD has long been an institution of British comics, ever since it was first published in 1977. The fact that it is still the only weekly science-fiction comic continuing to this day gives us an indication as to its excellence. Whilst […]

Judgement is coming: Lawgiver Mk.II

by Peter Ray Allisonon 23/01/2015
Over the decades we have seen Dredd appearing in comics, novels and films. The 2012 film, starring Karl Urban and Lena Headley, brought a new legion of fans to Mega-City One, as Urban’s portrayal of Judge Dredd was universally enjoyed by fans and critics alike. Now we have Lawgiver, the world’s only convention dedicated to […]

Pop Culture Shock Brings Judge Dredd to life with Amazing Diorama

by Andy Haighon 10/11/2014
Any Judge Dredd fans out there with money to burn might want to check out the amazing diorama available for pre-order from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. The huge diorama, fully licensed from Rebellion, is 24” long and features Mega City One’s most famous Judge on his Lawmaster bike. The eye-catching piece is sculpted by Joseph […]

Julian Glover, John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra and One Man Star Wars Announced for SFW6

by Peter Ray Allisonon 05/11/2014
The Sci-Fi Weekender is the annual science fiction festival – all the trappings of a convention, but with the atmosphere of a festival – in North Wales. Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and James Cosmo are already attending, but four more guests have recently been announced. The first is Julian Wyatt Glover CBE, an English actor […]

The Hockey Saint: Graphic Novel Review

by Stephen Breweron 18/09/2014
Whether it's a book or a graphic novel, if you finish it in one sitting it's due to one of two reasons. Either you have too much free time OR your enjoying it too much (Harry Potter fanatics can attest). In the case of Howard Shapiro's 'The Hockey Saint' it was definitely the latter, it's a great read about the pitfalls of getting to know your idol. Something Tom Leonard a college sophomore quickly discovers when he strikes up a friendship with 21-year-old Hockey Superstar Jeremiah Jacobson.