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The Spawn of Lilith, by Dana Fredsti

by Peter Ray Allisonon 03/07/2017
Officially launched last week, The Spawn of Lilith is Dana Fredsti’s latest urban-fantasy/horror novel, a new series following her Ashley Parker novels (which was described as “Buffy with zombies, but different.”) The Spawn of Lilith is a new setting for Fredsti, and thus a great jumping-on point for readers.  The novel is set in Hollywood, […]

Judge Dredd: Titan, by Rob Williams, Henry Flint and Annie Parkhouse

by Peter Ray Allisonon 18/06/2016
Continuing with the ongoing examination of the fallout from the Chaos Day storyline, Judge Dredd: Titan examines how the judge penal system has been affected and the consequences of this for Mega City One. The cover of Judge Dredd: Titan is somewhat misleading.  The graphic novel starts out, much like the cover, with a platoon […]

They’re He-eere!! Independence Day #1

by Mark Cantyon 09/04/2016
With summer approaching, it's time for the first issue of Titan Comics' tie-in comic for the new Independence Day film. What did we think?

The Evolution of the JRPG: Then and Now

by Nick Hancheton 29/12/2014
(Note: This article refers mostly to the Final Fantasy series for examples but the vast majority of points are relevant for all titles early on in the JRPG genre.) The Japanese RPGs of yesteryear and very much dead and buried. Turn-based battles are, for the most part, a thing of the past. Random battles are occasionally […]

Titan Attacks! Review

by Sai Mealingon 06/05/2014
The indie market really seems to have taken off with the adoption of downloadable distribution in the last generation. Without this quick and relatively cheap way to deliver to the consoles masses, it’s unlikely that many of the most cherished games of the last few years would exist and the gap between consoles and PC’s seems to […]