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The Twelfth: Run Down on the Current Live Betting Odds

With the BBC due to unveil the new twelfth Doctor within the next 24 hours, we give you a quick rundown of the current top 6 favourites with the bookies, in reverse order;

No 6.

600full-ben-danielsName : Ben Daniels

Age: 49

Nationality: British

Best known for: Law & Order UK and Cutting It



No 5.

Being Human series 5Name: Damien Molony

Age: 29

Nationality: Irish

Best known for: Being Human



No 4.

7465431784_3c6fa9848cName: Andrew Scott

Age: 36

Nationality: Irish

Best known for: Sherlock



No 3.

IdrisElbaSexyName: Idris Elba

Age: 40

Nationality: British

Best known for: Luther and The Wire



No 2.

daniel-rigby-by-claes-gellerbrink-5874-lowName: Daniel Rigby

Age: 30

Nationality: British

Best known for: Eric & Ernie



No 1.

Peter Capaldi charity poetry albumName: Peter Capaldi

Age: 55

Nationality: British

Best known for: The Thick of It



The magnificently foul-mouthed Scotsman has been the books favourite for sometime now but only time will tell if the producers agree with the public and the bookies.  I’m just gutted that there is currently no women in the top 15, I am also not surprised to see a lack of Ray Winstone on the list, but admit it, you’d be interested to see him as the Doctor.

Tune-in on Sunday 4th August 2013 live on BBC One at 7.00pm to find out who is our Twelfth Doctor.

The list is accurate at the time of writing and has been taken from the Oddschecker.com.  Please gamble responsibly.

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