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There Is Evil In The Most Innocent Of Us: The Art of Jeffrey Thomas

Any less than normal person like me enjoys a good artist who twists a classic. Whilst browsing the underbelly of the internet, I came across a wonderful artist by the name of Jeffrey Thomas. While he does many different designs, my favourite is a blog he posted called “Twisted Princess”.

Now, being a child in the early nineties naturally meant I grew up with the Disney characters, good and evil alike. However, what happens when you make the good princesses, into the evil characters? Jeffrey Thomas found out. In his blog he portrays some of your classic Disney princesses as an evil, malevolent princess.

A wonderful premise and I fully enjoyed looking at his collection. Not only that, but the skill involved is nothing short of genius and the style is exactly the kind you would expect from a talented original like this guy.

If you’d like to see more, visit http://jeftoonportfolio.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/twisted-princess.html and view the complete collection, along with his other works featured there.

A sneak preview for your good selves and my personal favourite:


Here is me in the form of a haiku: My name is Jodie, Love fun, love hugs, loving life, To write is to be.

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