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This Charming Superman: The Art of Butcher Billy

Brazilian-based artist/designer Butcher Billy is a man who likes his geek imagery. From his Legion of Real Life Supervillains collection to his work on The Superhero Media Crossover Project, the vast breadth of the geek landscape is to him a vast smorgasbord of  ideas and inspiration.

One of his more recent works deals with the subject of pop-culture heroes; those men and women, singers and musicians, who are raised up beyond mere celebrity and become icons, avatars of an unspoken cause, figureheads of an emotional rebellion. It is fitting then that Billy has merged some of the more indelible personalities of the 1980s music scene with characters from DC’s Justice League. Take a look for yourself and I’ll think you’ll agree that, strange as it is to see Ian Curtis sporting the bat-cowl it’s also just a little bit…right.


















Follow Butcher Billy on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/billythebutcher

Make a new friend here: http://facebook.com/bilyml

Buy the T-Shirt here: http://society6.com/butcherbilly

Ben Fee
Ben Fee
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