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Throw Out Your TV – Top 5 Geek Webseries

F*ck, yeah!
F*ck, yeah!

Everything is getting smaller and faster. Computers which would have taken up an entire room forty years ago are now small enough to fit in your pocket and staying in touch with family abroad took weeks before the advent of email and Skype. The future is Speedy Gonzales riding a bullet, and nowhere else is this more evident than with the rise of the web-series.

Traditionally-made television programs can be up to sixty long minutes of constant attention-requiring coloured lights, unrelenting talking and having to listen to.. ooh a squirrel! Attention spans are getting shorter by the second and the MTV-watching, Digimon-chasing youth of today demand instant gratification from their pop culture providers. This is where the web-series steps in. Web-series are internet-based TV series consisting of a number of five-minute or so episodes, the perfect length for those who usually find themselves changing channel once the opening credits roll or those who like to watch cartoons while they poo.

With that in mind, allow us to present our Top 5 greatest geek-flavoured web-series. Please note that I’ve only included on-going series’, not miniseries’ otherwise Forward Unto Dawn would occupy all five goddamn spots…


5. Superf*ckers (NSFW)

Jack Krack is the motherfucker

Superf*ckers is based on the relatively indie comic by James Kochalka about the day-to-day life of a group of superheroes. So far so seen-it-a-bajillion-times. The difference? These guys are utter douchebags. They treat each other like shit and have ideals no more heroic than getting high and hazing the endless line of pathetic losers who want to join their favourite superteam. Weird, coarse and a new word that combines nauseating and awesome – nauwsoeame.


4. H+

More than human

Produced by Brian “X-Men 2” Singer and with better production values than most new shows last year, H+ envisions a world where personal computers can be implanted directly into peoples brains, a veritable technological utopia where you can check your email or watch television in the privacy of your own head. A utopia that is until some bright spark creates a computer virus that kills one third of the world’s population. Hilarity ensues.


3. Bravest Warriors

Space-venture Time!

Pendelton Ward’s Adventure Time is quite possibly one the finest cartoons in what is arguably the Second Golden Age of Kids TV. Bravest Warriors is a web-series by the same fella about four teenage space adventurers keeping the universe safe after the disappearance of their parents who previously held that responsibility. And it’s so amazing I’m just going to throw you some of the concepts and I challenge you to get to the end without a compelling urge to press play on that bad boy. A falcon that turns into an axe. A blue half-cat, half-ladybird. Invisible Martian Hideout. They fly around in a Space Whale. Time Slime. Professor Fartsparkles. A bee that turns into a sword…just watch it already!


2. The Guild


Boasting star turns by Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton and Nathan “Captain” Fillion, The Guild is an award-winning geekfest comedy about a guild of MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game) players who find themselves forced to interact with each other IRL (in real life) with varying DOS (degrees of success). Anyone who spends their weekends chasing the (level 20 frost) dragon or still sports needle marks on their arm from years of WOW abuse will see themselves in one of the instantly relatable characters and, even if you’ve never even buffed a tank, the trials and tribulations of Codex, Zaboo, Vork, Bladezz, Clara and Tinkerballa will soon have you clamouring for Season 7 with the rest of us.


1. Red vs Blue

Thrills, spills and team kills…

One of the longest-running web series our there, this Halo-based comedy has evolved over the years into a bona fide space epic encompassing everything from time travel to megalomaniacal AIs to…erm…male pregnancy…and beyond! Although it uses the various Halo engines to animate the characters and is, ostensibly, set in the Halo universe, this show requires zero prior reading and will appeal to even those few who wouldn’t give the time of day to Bungie’s hugely popular FPS series. Come for the dick jokes, stay for the moment the plot explodes and it’s turned into one of your favourite sci-fi shows, web based or otherwise. And with Season 10 on the event horizon, there’s never been a better time to find out if they’ll save the universe or the reds will just get rid of those dirty blues once and for all.

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Ben Fee
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