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Crash Geek Dummy #1 – Fenetic Drift Balance Board

by on 16/06/2016

Fenetic Wellbeing




1 - Great build, really high quality.
2 - Easy to pick up and use.
3 - Ridiculous fun.
4 - Looks great.


1 - Easily scuffs, one stumble caused lots of marks
2 - Can get a bit heavy if carrying for a while
3 - Easily defeated by bumps!

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Bottom Line

The Fenetic Drift is a ridiculously fun gadget, built with a rugged style and easy to pick up and roll with


Newest member to the Geek Pride crew and semi professional film maker / youtuber, Jamie, has brought us something new to the Geek Pride world… lets call it a pilot or proof of concept if you will.

We were offered the chance to review a Fenetic Drift Balance Board from Fenetic Wellbeing, but instead of doing a boring old write up like every other Jo, Jamie thought he’d make something,well, rather awesome.

Like it? Want to see more? I thought so.

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You can get the Fenetic Drift Balance Board HERE:

Check out some of Jamie’s other work HERE