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Magicka 2 Announced For PC And PS4

by on 11/06/2014

Many of you will have played the ridiculous and hilarious game that is Magicka. Well now it’s back, bigger and better than before.


Just announced at E3, the sequel to the best-selling slice of wizardly insanity will be coming to PC and Playstation 4 with everything you loved from the first game plus a load more. Set in the ravaged land of Midgard following the Wizard Wars, Magicka 2 promises to bring the player into a dynamic new story with a set of exciting new features.

The New Stuff:

  • 4 Player Friendly Fire Co-Op: All game modes now support co-op, including checkpoints, hot-joining and more supportive functionality.
  • New Adventures: “Witness a Midgard mostly purged of Wizard-kind, save for a few remaining madmen, and encounter hordes of fantasy creatures great and small.”
  • Make It Rain (with a water staff): All new staffs, robes, weapons and special abilities so you can play the custom Wizard of your choice.
  • The Art Of Artifacts: New “Artifact” system offers “new gameplay changes and options to put new twists on each level”

Information is obviously limited at the moment but if a trailer featuring an unemployed wizard accidentally blowing up his cat doesn’t get you going then maybe Magicka isn’t the game for you. You may also be the more normal one in this conversation.

A release date is unannounced as yet but you can keep up to date and find more information at

Because Wizards

Because Wizards