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Shenmue returns as Yu Suzuki brings long awaited sequel to Kickstarter

by on 16/06/2015

Fans of Sega’s ground breaking early open world RPG game Shenmue from Yu Suzuki have been waiting over a decade for any news of a third game after the release of Shenmue II in 2001. Now they’ve finally got it as Shenmue III has just appeared on Kickstarter with Suzuki finallly answering the question he’s been getting for years. The initial target of $2,000,000 was smashed in just over 9 hours with the total at the time of writing sitting at $2,341,899 and rising steadily with 31 days left and over 29,000 backers. The campaign has proven so popular that Kickstarter were struggling to cope with the traffic.


The campaign has several stretch goals based around adding extra environments to the game world.

The game is set to appear on PC and PS4, for more info check out the Kickstarter Campaign.