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War comes to Armageddon for Games Workshop – Necromunda next?

At the Game Manufacturer’s Association(GAMA) trade show in Las Vegas today, Games Workshop have been making waves in the hobby community, with an announcement for 40k and Specialist Games fans.

A new boxed game, Armageddon is all about Gang Warfare. Set in the 40k Universe, it focuses initially on Orcs and Space Marines doing battle in one of the hive cities of Armageddon, but also includes rules for many other forces, including Tau, Necrons, Eldar (And Dark Eldar, not to mention Harlequins), Tyranids and others to join in the fun. With some fantastic looking scenery, the older gamers among us will be relieved to hear that the rules are based on an old favourite from Games Workshop and Specialist Games: Necromunda!

Armageddon Boxed Game Scenery from Games Workshop

According to a Rewarded Play review, the new scenery looks great, and is designed to work with the recent releases of Games Workshop modular scenery – The days of plastic brackets and cardboard pieces seem to be over! With the rules apparently including options for advancement and growth in your gang.team, maybe we’ll see the return of the real Necromunda soon? Could it be too much to hope that in Games Workshop stores, FLGS’ and Gaming Clubs across the country, Scavs, Spyrers and Redemptionists could once more line up across fetid piles of rusted metal and industrial waste? Time will tell.

In the meantime, we can amuse ourselves with opportunities to play the new game, and dig our miniatures out while we wait for the rumoured arrival of 40k 8th Edition!

Due out in April, and following hot on the heels of Shadows over Hammerhal, Gangs of Commoragh, Blood Bowl and Many others, and ahead of the anticipated return of Titan Legions, Many older gamers are remembering the feeling of handing over their pocket money to a Games Workshop shop every month!! See you all there, I’ll be first in line! 🙂

Mark Canty
Mark Canty
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