10000000 Coming To Android March 14

by on 13/03/2013


10000000, 10,000,000, 10M, Ten-Million….

However the hell you are supposed to write it down, 10,000,000 (I’m going with that), the annoyingly-named and also extremely popular iOS game is finally coming to Android on March 14. That’s tomorrow for all you numeraphobics out there ($10 word).

In the game, you play an Indiana Jones-esque character trapped in a tower, and although the gameplay seems fairly standard (fight off various traditional RPG fodder, acquire loot, upgrade things); it’s the way you control your character via an intuitive Bejewelled-like match three game, which gives the game it’s appeal. Each tile, when matched, gives you some form of bonus or resource which helps you progress. Need to open a locked door? Match some keys together and you’re on your way. Need to upgrade a room? Better hope you’ve matched together enough resource tiles.



Despite how difficult it may or may not be to actually say; 10000000 was an instant hit when it launched on iOS back last year. This RPG/Action/Sidescrolling/Match-Three retro styled game has had many fans clamoring for an Android release for quite a while now; myself included. I’m definitely looking forward to getting my mitts on it, and now I once again have something to keep me from getting bored and reading shampoo bottles during my private bathroom time, I shall be uploading my thoughts on the game very soon, for the few people out there that still haven’t heard about this charming, 8-bit bundle of joy.