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Today we Celebrate our Independence Day!

by TheSlasherJunkieon 05/07/2014
Hey guys, you may or may not remember me. My name is James, and the military has consumed most of my time for the last year, so I was on hiatus while people dropped out. Regardless, it seemed fitting for this piece to be done by an American, better yet an American Soldier. Sorry it’s […]

In Defense of the Batfleck

by TheSlasherJunkieon 23/08/2013
The only reason I didn’t do this last night is two-fold: 1) I was exhausted; 2) “Gangster Squad” was on, and my mother doesn’t like me being online when there’s a movie going. I’ve been covering the Batcasting since it was announced (as you can see in my defense of Karl Urban as the bat), […]

Big day for spies! More Cross and more Hunt!

by TheSlasherJunkieon 05/08/2013
Jeremy Renner has been on a bit of a spy kick lately. In the past, with “28 Weeks Later” and “The Hurt Locker”, he’s shown capability with military roles, but since his cameo as Hawkeye in “Thor”, he’s been doing a run of spies. Yes, I count Hawkeye as a spy, because that’s what the […]

Jensen Ackles, a.k.a…. Batman?!

by TheSlasherJunkieon 25/07/2013
It’s no secret that I’m a Supernatural fanboy. It’s also no secret that the fans adore lead actor Jensen Ackles. What may be a secret is that Jensen’s no stranger to superheroes, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when someone asked him at SDCC if he was interested in playing the Dark Knight, hours after […]

Snyder and Goyer collaborate for superhero awesome.

by TheSlasherJunkieon 20/07/2013
This morning, fanboys and fangirls throughout San Diego Comic-Con had their pants explode this morning when this image was shown on the screen as writer/director Zack Snyder came onstage.   Zack (the legend behind the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, “300”, “Watchmen” and the latest Superman film, “Man of Steel”) said that he was working […]

Titanfall: How West and Zampelli made a name for themselves, and how that ultimately led to Respawn’s firstborn.

by TheSlasherJunkieon 14/07/2013
If you saw this year’s coverage at E3, one of the games that blew you away was “Titanfall”- a game combining sci-fi, military fps, parkour and mech combat in ways we’d never imagined. In this game, you play a colonist fighting for independence, but he’s no ordinary soldier- he’s a pilot, trained in fighting people […]

Why Actors Seem to Love Justified

by TheSlasherJunkieon 20/06/2013
If you remember 90’s television, you remember Touched By An Angel. It felt like actors would go on that show in a half-assed attempt to make up for getting on an embarrassing tabloid cover. Well, FX’s Justified feels similar, in that it feels as if actors go on there to make up for being in […]

Mexploitation, Round Two- Finally, a trailer for “Machete Kills”!

by TheSlasherJunkieon 20/06/2013
If you’re on here, then there’s a possibility that you love action movies. If you live in the Western Hemisphere, then there’s also a chance that you love Mexico. If you like when those two collide, then you followed “Machete” just as closely as I did. If not, here’s the rundown of events. Tejano director […]

Can you say “Star Wars: Battlefront 3”?

by TheSlasherJunkieon 07/05/2013
If you’re a fan of “Knights of the Old Republic” or “Battlefront“, then you’ll want to read this. Like many journos these days, I get my news via Facebook. While scrolling through, one of my gamer pages posted a link from CNN by way of WIRED.  In the headline, they gave us an update about […]

Violence, the media, and the eternal scapegoats: the US Senate and her never-ending battle with pop culture. Part 1

by TheSlasherJunkieon 14/03/2013
After the recent shootings in America (specifically Aurora, CO and Newton, CT), guns have been targeted yet again. In response, gun activists took the same stance that they always have. So can anyone tell me what Elvis, Batman, Scarface and Call of Duty have in common? They’ve all been used to document how popular culture […]