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Jensen Ackles, a.k.a…. Batman?!

Jensen as Dean Winchester
Jensen as Dean Winchester

It’s no secret that I’m a Supernatural fanboy. It’s also no secret that the fans adore lead actor Jensen Ackles. What may be a secret is that Jensen’s no stranger to superheroes, so it shouldn’t be a surprise when someone asked him at SDCC if he was interested in playing the Dark Knight, hours after Superman/Batman was announced, and he (in his Batman shirt) responded:

                “Any guy in his right mind would die to play Batman,” and “”It would be a dream come true. I won’t hold my breath.”

This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Not only does he already work for Warner Bros., the company that owns both his network (The CW) and DC Comics, but he’s already worked in comic adaptations. Just a few years ago he got the chance to voice act for Batman: Under The Red Hood as the titular character Jason Todd, a.k.a. “Red Hood”, but he was also a fan favorite candidate for Steve Rogers until Marvel announced that Chris Evans would be getting that honor. Personally, out of all the candidates that have been named (ranging from The Lone Ranger’s Armie Hammer, to Spartacus’ Liam McIntyre to Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin), I like Ackles the best.

Sure, Hammer was supposed to play the role in 2007 when Warner was supposed to make a Justice League movie in Australia, but with his cinematic track record I doubt he’ll be putting on the cape and cowl anytime soon. For one, he was the villains in The Social Network, he did a splendid job as Hoover’s assistant and lover in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, and The Lone Ranger wasn’t his fault, but executives don’t care.

On the one hand, he’s already shown that he’s a bankable name. Hell, it’s the only reason I saw Ten Inch Hero (a great movie that I reviewed not too long ago, by the way) and I fangasmed when I found out he was Jason Todd. He’s also shown that he can handle action roles and drama side-by-side in Supernatural, and that he can bring in the ladyfolk. For that last one, a quick Google Image search for SuperWhoLock will lead to HOURS of original content. Hell, he’s even the right age.

On the other hand, dark and brooding aren’t exactly his strong suits. Granted, anyone who’s seen Season 8 of Supernatural, a sizeable chunk of Ten Inch Hero, or the climax to Under the Red Hood knows that he can do it FLAWLESSLY. However, he tends to gravitate toward cheeky and joking. Bruce hardly ever jokes (note how quickly that changed in TDK), and he’s anything but cheeky. I’d be interested to see it, because I can’t really see it failing, but riddle me skeptical.

Dean at the beginning of Supernatural's 8th season.
Dean at the beginning of Supernatural’s 8th season.

Stay classy, junkies.

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