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Bank Holiday Pokémon Movies!

by on 28/08/2016

Those of you wanting to rest your weary feet from playing Pokémon Go,  but still want to still enjoy those collectable monstrosities, you’re in luck! From 10am on Bank Holiday Monday, the CITV channel will be hosting a triple Poké-movie extravaganza!

The CITV channel will broadcast Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back at 10am, swiftly followed by Pokemon 2000: The Power of One at 11:30am and then finally Pokemon 3: Spell of the Unown at 1:10pm. They will be aired as they were originally released, so unfortunately we won’t be getting the HD treatment.

All movies will be aired alongside the Pikachu shorts that were released alongside the originals. So park your keisters, and let the nostalgia roll!

CITV is a free channel and can be viewed on Freeview (121), Sky (621) and Freesat (602). The films will later be available for streaming on the ITV on demand service known as ITV hub.