Geeky Gifts – A GP Guide to Christmas – Part 1

by on 05/12/2013

It’s December! So, as we start becoming immersed in Christmas, whether we want to or not, I’ve put together a list of potential presents from Santa. I’ve tried to find a variety of gifts, with a variety of prices for a variety of fandoms, so hopefully there’s something for everybody.

  1. For those who love Star Wars, we have this Haynes Millenium Falcon Manual. The book is full of technical description, alongside art and photographs. Comes at the price of £11.95 from Prezzybox.comMillenium falcon
  2. If mechanical manuals aren’t your kind of thing, but you still fancy something Star Wars themed, then for £12.99 you can get this Darth Vader mood light from (also available as a Stormtrooper).vader
  3. For the ultimate gift for those with a larger budget, what about a Zombie Battle for Two? This adventure takes you to one of two settings where you can attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse without having to actually worry about being harmed. The price depends on the location with a battle in an abandoned manor house costing you £214.00 for two people (you must also be able to get to Greater Manchester), and an abandoned shopping mall (in Berkshire), slightly cheaper at £139.00. This experience is offered by Prezzybox.comzombies
  4. For big and little geeks, there is this cute combo pack of t-shirts which can be personalised to include names on the back. There are three choices of colour combinations: blue, black, and burgundy. Price: £28 from Notonthehighstreet.combiglil
  5. On the aptly named website, for £29.99 you can get a Dr Who remote control Dalek, and, to sweeten the deal, there’s 15% off if you use the code IWDRWHO. What could be better than driving your Dalek around while you wait for the Dr Who Christmas special?dalek
  6. Ever wanted to be a superhero? Of course you have! Unfortunately, I can’t offer you the gift of powers, BUT I can offer you the chance to become a superhero action figure. It’s a bit pricey at £79.99, but this allows you to put your head on one of your favourite heroes’ body, which is the best next thing really. Offered by firebox.comaction hero
  7. For a stocking filler, why not go for a Pacman poncho? For £5.00, you can get this two pack of ghost ponchos. Useful for not only going out in the rain, to a theme park or festival, but also handy if you’ve got nothing else for fancy dress! Available at Topshop (also available from a variety of different websites around the world).pacman poncho
  8. For a stocking filler present for a Harry Potter fan, you could get this Deathly Hallows necklace. Great price for £4.99 with free (UK) delivery. Available via play.comdh necklace
  9. For the price of £4.19, you could get this Wonder Woman money box. Ideal for when you want to get a gift someone will like without spending too much. Also available from money
  10. If the receiver of your gift is a fan of The Hobbit, and an adorer of cute things, then why not go with this ten centimetre tall Bilbo Baggins figurine? Available for £10 from Amazon (for US buyers there are many sites, including this one, selling them for around $10). He’s small enough to go with you on any of your unexpected (or expected) journeys, and, if you’re splashing out, why not get Gandalf too (although he’s a bit more expensive – must be because he’s magical)?


Well, that’s all for this Christmas geeky gift guide! Hopefully something here will inspire you in some way! See you next week for our second edition of geeky gifts!