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Geeky Gifts – Part 2: The Giftening

by ScarlettNighton 17/12/2013
It’s about a week to Christmas so if you’re still on the hunt for gifts (like I am ) then you better get your skates on. Here is part two of our geeky gift guide. For US readers, I apologise that most sites are British but I’m hoping I can at least give you some […]

Geeky Gifts – A GP Guide to Christmas – Part 1

by ScarlettNighton 05/12/2013
It’s December! So, as we start becoming immersed in Christmas, whether we want to or not, I’ve put together a list of potential presents from Santa. I’ve tried to find a variety of gifts, with a variety of prices for a variety of fandoms, so hopefully there’s something for everybody. For those who love Star […]

BBC’s Sherlock gets an air date

by ScarlettNighton 30/11/2013
The wait is nearly over for Sherlock fans! BBC revealed that the new series of Sherlock is to première on the 1st January, making for an extra special New Year’s day for the fans who have been waiting nearly 2 years for the return of the detective. As part of a publicity stunt to advertise […]

Marching Band’s Amazing Movie Mash Up

by ScarlettNighton 17/11/2013
Here’s something fun to watch. I’ll admit that when I initially think of a marching band, the words ‘fun’ and ‘cool’ don’t really pop into mind, but I was proved wrong when I saw the following video. Usually when I say ‘that blew my mind’ I’m usually kidding around but I think this video actually blew […]

Thor: The Dark World

by ScarlettNighton 08/11/2013
  Thor: The Dark World is the first solo adventure with Thor since The Avengers film last year, however he’s not completely alone as we see him reunited with Jane, his sidekick warriors and that pesky brother of his; Loki (Tom Hiddleston). In this adventure we see Thor having to battle a villain so ruthless […]

Jude Law updates fans on Sherlock Holmes 3!

by ScarlettNighton 05/11/2013
It may have been two years since fans saw Jude Law as Dr. Watson alongside Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes, but good news comes today as Jude Law sheds some light on the third film. The film hasn’t been officially confirmed as of yet but Law told Digital Spy that a meeting took place […]

Halloween movies – safe for scardey-cats

by ScarlettNighton 31/10/2013
It’s that time of year… Halloween!! The time to carve pumpkins, the time for kids trick or treating, the time for dressing up and and the time for scardey cats like me to try and avoid every scary movie that is on television. While everyone else is enjoying a good gore fest I like to […]

The Simpsons star Marcia Wallace dies at age 70.

by ScarlettNighton 28/10/2013
Marcia Wallace has died at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 70. The cause of her death seems uncertain at this time, with conflicting reports ranging from complications due to breast cancer to pneumonia complications.  Marcia Wallace joined the cast of The Simpsons in 1990 as the voice of Edna Krabappel, Bart […]

Who’s leaving Springfield… Forever?

by ScarlettNighton 02/10/2013
In the last few days news broke of a death happening in Springfield and as always with news like this, rumours are running wild. The Simpsons’ producer Al Jean has revealed that a main character will be killed off in the latest season. The reveal, which was announced during a conference promoting the 25th season […]

Geeky Chat Up Lines

by ScarlettNighton 20/09/2013
Hello my lovely proud geeks. I thought I’d chuck together a list of geeky chat up lines for you. I’ve tried to put something for everyone: girls, guys, gamers, Trekkies… Let me know if you have any success! I’d totally fall for some of them. Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been […]