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Halloween movies – safe for scardey-cats

It’s that time of year… Halloween!!
The time to carve pumpkins, the time for kids trick or treating, the time for dressing up and and the time for scardey cats like me to try and avoid every scary movie that is on television. While everyone else is enjoying a good gore fest I like to stick to gentler Halloween themed films or movies that have any kind of link to Halloween. In the hopes that there are more people like me who fancy watching a Halloween movie without being scared then here is a small list that I’ve compiled whether it’s to introduce you to the films or just merely refresh your memory.

Hocus Pocus                                                                                                                                       

This fun family Disney movie has witches, a black cat and a zombie making it a perfect Halloween themed movie. Bette Middler and Sarah Jessica Parker star in this 1993 film which follows a trio of children trying to escape and defeat three witches who have resurrected after 300 years.



Christinna Ricci stars as a paranormal expert’s daughter who stays in an abandoned house with her father. The house is occupied by three mischievous ghosts and Casper, the friendly ghost. It’s meant to be a family film but I would check it out yourself first if you are planning to watch with children.



Although not really classed as a Halloween film, I’m going to list this film as it has… you guessed it… zombies! Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Jessie Eisenberg act as a few of the remaining non-infected humans left in zombie-filled America. A lot of laughs as well as some action make it a great film and a fantastic cameo by Bill Murray adds the cherry to an already delicious treat.

Shaun of the Dead

Again, not a Halloween themed film, using the same premis as Zombieland, the theme of zombies is enough to add it to my list. The great comedy trio of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with director Edgar Wright started the Cornetto trilogy with this great gory comedy. Shaun is on a mission to turn his life around but it’s not off to a great start when he finds that most of the members of his communities are trying to eat him. Not really scary but there are some scenes which some viewers may find a bit brutal.


The Nightmare before Christmas

I guess it’s up to you whether this is a Halloween or Christmas film or just all year fun but seeing as the main character lives in Halloween town I thought I’d add this to the list. Tim Burton works his animation magic with this wonder but beware it may not be suitable for all. Jack Skellington is only aware of Halloween town so when he discovers Christmas Town he is amazed but he doesn’t quite understand the concept. This film is just over an hour so great if you want to watch something but don’t have much time.



Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie follows the story of a young boy who conducts a science experiment to resurrect his dog but this leads to some unintended consequences. The film is a Disney family film so should be suitable for children but I would use your own discretion.



This 2012 film stars ghosts and zombies and a young boy who has to take them on and save his town from a curse. This animated comedy stars Anna Kendrick and Christopher Mintz-Plasse and is rated PG.


Hotel Transylvania

Adam Sandler, Kevin James and Andy Samberg star in Hotel Transylvania. This animated comedy follows Dracula after a human boy discovers his high-end resort and gets involved with his daughter. The film couldn’t be more fitting with a mummy, Bigfoot, the invisible man and werewolves.


The Addams Family

What family is better to hang with at Halloween then the Addams family (*cue theme tune*). The storyline follows the famous eccentric family as a con artist tries to fleece them by using a man pretending to be their long lost Uncle Fester.


And finally, of course, Ghostbusters. With a cast comprising of the legend Bill Murray as well as Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver, this 1984 movie has enough ghosts and ghouls to make it Halloween worthy but mixed with enough comedy to save it from being scary.

With any of the films on this list, please use your own discretion if you are planning to watch with children.

I'm a movie lover of all genres, particularly comic book films, as well as some television shows such as Community. I enjoy fiction writing and blog writing and I sometimes dabble in reviews.

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