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A Chat with Steven E Gordon

by Chrison 27/04/2016
Steven E Gordon is a world renowned artist, animator and Annie Award Nominee. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask him a few quick questions about his animation, the future, and his Annie Award nomination. GP – “I am sure you have been asked this a thousand times before, but what was it that first […]

Matt Dixon – Transmissions 2 Kickstarter

by Matt Gearyon 14/10/2015
My favourite artist at the moment, apart from my Big Sis (Anarkitty) of course, is a rather talented and genuinely nice chap called Matt Dixon. Matt has been painting and illustrating for many years now and has clients that include Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Wizards of the Coast, but if his name sounds familiar, or […]

Interview with Rene Koiter (Khaldrene Cosplay)

by Matt Gearyon 17/01/2014 After a long leave of absence from the cosplay interview scene, I felt it time to bring it back; and back with a Dothraki ROAR!! This Interview is with an extremely talented Cosplayer who I fist stumbled across while trawling through Youtube; where in I happened upon a video of his appearance at Blizzard […]

Matt Geary Interviews, N.Irish Artist, ‘Anarkitty’

by Matt Gearyon 21/04/2013
When I went back to N.Ireland at Easter I have the great privilege of talking to N.Irish Artist, Anarkitty… It did help that she’s my big sister. In the video, Emma talks to me about how she started off painting, some of the challenges she met along the way, what she has learned and what […]

Little Kids Gaming Books

by James Buckinghamon 05/04/2013
Remember those old Ladybird books when you were a kid with the great artwork and classic stories? No? Christ I’m old! Well anyway, LA-based blogger & artist Joebot has created some book covers for books I wish someone would write! Joebot talked about the merging of children’s books & videogames on his blog: [quote]”I recently […]

There Is Evil In The Most Innocent Of Us: The Art of Jeffrey Thomas

by JodieAvoon 05/02/2013
Any less than normal person like me enjoys a good artist who twists a classic. Whilst browsing the underbelly of the internet, I came across a wonderful artist by the name of Jeffrey Thomas. While he does many different designs, my favourite is a blog he posted called “Twisted Princess”. Now, being a child in […]

Wookie the Chew – Artwork by James Hance

by Matt Gearyon 15/07/2012
I grew up with Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars, hand in hand and so both hold very strong, nostalgic memories for me; as I am sure they do for a lot of you. You can therefore imagine my delight, and childish glee, when I stumbled across an artist by the name of James Hance, who […]