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Review: Iron Fisticle

by Sai Mealingon 23/09/2014
If Dark Souls and Streets of Rage somehow met, knocked digital boots and gave birth to a dark spawn then the result would be Iron Fisticle. It was these kind of thoughts that I couldn’t get out of my head as I played through the latest rogue-like offering from indie publishers Curve Studios. It’s a […]

DoomZ offers a more retro route to surviving in Chenarus

by Sai Mealingon 17/09/2014
Although DayZ Standalone has managed to secure a place Steam’s top 10 sales chart almost consistently since it’s release last Christmas, complaints about the ongoing poor optimization and bugs never seem to be far away. Any criticism is quickly met with the usual ‘this is an Alpha product’ arguments from Bohemia Interactive’s community managers and producers but after months […]

The Swapper (PlayStation) Review

by Sai Mealingon 30/07/2014
In a time when virtually anybody with the right skills and enough perseverance can make a game, indie platformers aren’t exactly in short supply. Each month, it seems as though Steam, PSN and the iOS App Store are rife with a multitude of different takes on what is possibly gaming’s most iconic genre. Finding a […]

Spintires Early Access Review: Rumble in the Jungle or Bogged in the Mire?

by David Roseon 26/06/2014
It is in early access, but you can already tell it is getting there. The bugs and feature limitations are natural for a game only just released on Early Access and given the developer will likely be hotfixed out very quickly. Try the tech demo first if you're not absolutely sold on an orienteering game but there is an awful lot to like already.

It’s a deal: The dark world of underground Steam game trading

by Sai Mealingon 23/06/2014
If you’re like me then you probably view each Steam sale with simultaneous hope and dread. On the one hand, you can’t wait to add some more games to a collection that is already far bigger than it should be and but you also dread the state of your bank balance by the time it’s all […]

Sniper Elite V2 is free on Steam for the next 24 hours

by Sai Mealingon 04/06/2014
If you’ve yet to pick up Bethesda’s recent Wolfenstein: The New Order but still like the idea of shooting faceless Nazis in the bollocks then you’re in luck as Sniper Elite V2 is currently available free for PC users on Steam. Released by Rebellion in 2012, Sniper Elite V2 didn’t exactly set the world on […]

Stranded Review

by Sai Mealingon 22/05/2014
As a young boy, I was always raised to not say anything if I couldn’t say anything nice and so for this reason I have chosen to keep this review much shorter than most of the others that I’ve written. Since indie game development really took off during the last generation, the increasing might of legal […]

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is free on Steam for the next 24 hours

by Sai Mealingon 23/04/2014
We love our freebies here at Geek Pride. You’re bound to find us cruising for swag at any of the events we attend and free games are always welcome, just as long as they’re legit of course. For the next 24 hours, the kind folks at Tripwire Interactive are offering their game Red Orchestra 2: […]

Game of Thrones breaks new illegal download record (again…)

by James Woodheadon 18/04/2014
When HBOs Game of Thrones isn’t busy killing off it’s cast at a record breaking rate, it’s breaking records of another kind, downloads. HBO have come under heavy criticism for the restricted release of the series which has collectively racked up millions of file sharing downloads every week throughout it’s 10 episode series cycles.  Their […]

Rain Review

by Sai Mealingon 09/10/2013
It doesn’t always take something flashy to make us feel something and in today’s world of gargantuan cities, epic set pieces and glossy visuals, in some ways Rain feels like a return to old. That isn’t to say that it isn’t a pretty game but as the short story progresses it becomes evident that emotion […]